Netflix increases costs despite millions of new subscribers


Earlier this month, we reported that Netflix was planning to raise its prices, once again. Today the price increases are in effect and we have details on how much a subscription will cost in the future.

In the UK, the basic (ad-supported) service increases to €7.99, while the ad-free option increases by €2, for a total of €17.99. In the US, users of the premium option will pay $3 more, for a total of $22.00. In France (the only European country to experience price increases at the time of writing), the service will increase by 2 euros to 19.99 euros per month.

Despite this, and a recent study claiming that many users would abandon the service if prices increased again, Netflix continues to increase its subscriber numbers. According to the BBC, the broadcaster recorded 8.8 million new registrations between July and September this year.

This growth takes place during the strike. While the WGA strike is officially over, SAG-AFTRA members are still demanding fair pay, compensation and job security. Most recently, they asked for 2% of streaming revenue, which ended the conversation between the union and the studios, with the latter saying it was too much. Despite figures showing a clear increase in subscribers during price increases. It has to make sense.

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