A new book by Jamal Belahrach on attachment to the Kingdom


Moroccan author Jamal Belahrach has just published a book entitled “Still want Morocco, despite everything”. A work that highlights the author’s perception of the Kingdom.

Conceived by its author Jamal Belahrach, this new book entitled “Always want Morocco, despite everything”, published by Sochepress editions and now available in bookstores, offers an intimate perspective on the author’s experiences and reflections on the subject of Morocco, his native country. Jamal Belahrach retraces, through the autobiographical prism, the significant stages of his life, “the challenges encountered and the moments of introspection”. Without pretense or artifice, he shares his complex feelings. Between the deep love for Morocco and the challenges he had to face, he goes there without detours. As for the title, “Always want Morocco, despite everything”, it is a reflection of this duality, expressing a sincere attachment to one’s land, despite obstacles and questions.

Implicitly, Jamal Belahrach raises, according to him, “crucial questions about the acceptance of difference, the integration of the diaspora and the vision of an inclusive Morocco”. His story, far from being a simple narration, is “a subtle call for mutual understanding and cohesion”.

Jamal’s journey alone undeniably enriches his story. Born in Casablanca, he spent several years in France before choosing to return to Morocco in 1997. He stood out for his professionalism, occupying key positions as CEO of Manpower Maghreb, then CEO of Manpower DOM-TOM. In 2016, he joined OCP as Managing Director, notably in charge of the Human Capital, Communication and CSR Department. Since 2019, he has advised leaders on the internal and external transformations of their organizations. In 2022, his competence was recognized once again with his appointment as an expert member of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. “For those who are curious to know more about a man’s thoughts and feelings about his country, this book is an enriching read,” he says of his newborn distributed by Sochepress, founded in 1924, which marked the cultural history of Morocco with its notable contribution to the distribution of the press and the publishing of reference works. As it prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2024, Sochepress continues to renew itself and adapt to cultural and social developments in Morocco. The house has distinguished itself by its ability to offer a rich, multilingual cultural palette that resonates with the aspirations of the Moroccan public.

In addition to its significant contribution to distribution, Sochepress asserts itself as a major publishing house, highlighting Moroccan authors and promoting the Kingdom’s heritage in all its forms.

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