UK legislative elections: environmental issues absent from the campaign


A few days before the legislative elections in the United Kingdom, some Britons have already voted, by mail. The last debate took place this week. Immigration, taxation and public services dominated the campaign. One major absentee: ecology, which has been overlooked over the last five weeks.

With our correspondent in London, Emeline Vin

What proposals for an energy transition? This is the criterion for Sheldon, on the occasion of these elections. “I want to make sure that we protect the planet. There is no economy on a dead planet… I always have that in mind when I vote, even if my vote is useless, I am sending a signal,” explains the voter.

The electoral system disadvantages small parties, including the Greens, the only voice that carries ecology, Gay regrets. “The Green Party doesn’t have many elected representatives, and therefore little coverage… There was some controversy over how much Labor would spend, but the personality clashes between party leaders overshadowed the real issues,” he laments.

A flyover of environmental issues by the different parties
The Labor Party, which is expected to win this election, is sticking to the promise of a national renewable energy company and home insulation… But political science professor Justin Fisher is not surprised by this flyover by the parties.

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