Seven humanitarian workers from an American NGO killed by an Israeli strike in Gaza


Following the death of seven humanitarian workers in the Gaza Strip, killed in an Israeli strike, reactions are multiplying this morning to demand that the Jewish state provide explanations.

They were from Australia, North America, Poland, United Kingdom. And they had come to help. In this case, participating in the distribution of food aid in the Gaza Strip threatened by famine. And yesterday, everyone died. 7 aid workers from the NGO World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli strike. One more human drama in this Palestinian enclave, where the execrable competes with the intolerable. The Israeli army immediately declared that it was investigating to understand the circumstances of this *** *“tragic”** incident. As for the American Non-Governmental Organization, one of the few still active on the spot and which had participated in the distribution of this aid transported to Gaza by sea, it immediately suspended its activities in the region.

And it is again in this context that Israeli national unity now seems to be faltering. Since last Sunday, tens of thousands of people have gathered in the streets of Jerusalem to denounce the failure of Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy. Particularly in negotiations with Hamas. Clearly, the protesters criticize the Prime Minister for a constant lack of empathy with regard to the suffering of the hostages, which ended up defeating the hopes of many families who are now clearly calling for early elections. And this is how this unprecedented movement since the attacks of October 7 comes to further weaken the ultra-conservative coalition in power. Or when the political divisions obscured by the war resurface in the Jewish state. And to talk about it with us, guest of the editorial team today:

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It is one of the many wars now forgotten. A conflict born 30 years ago in Eastern Congo, in the wake of the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda. All against a backdrop of ethnic rivalries and plundering of North Kivu’s mineral resources.

In eastern Congo, the M23 rebellion encircles Goma, the capital of North Kivu and its two million inhabitants. A conflict born 30 years ago, in the wake of the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda against a backdrop of ethnic rivalries and the plundering of mining resources, in this region with a subsoil rich in rare and strategic minerals such as Coltan, essential to the composition of smartphones. Since the insurgents, supported by Rwanda, took up arms again in 2021, never have the fighting been so close to the capital of North Kivu, where hundreds of thousands of displaced people have found refuge.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. According to a United Nations report, the Rwandan army supports the M23 with weapons and troops. Bellicose declarations are increasing, and direct war threatens. Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi calls on the international community to take action.

Over the past few months, around twenty volunteers had been able to enter the machine’s lair. And this morning, the most powerful MRI in the world delivered, near Paris, its first images of the human brain, ten times more precise than those currently produced in hospitals. A technical feat. And above all a world first for CEA researchers in Saclay. The culmination of more than 20 years of research. And which should ultimately allow us to better understand not only the functioning of the brain itself but also certain neurodegenerative or psychiatric diseases.

For a long time, she embodied the creativity of the Caribbean Francophonie. Guadeloupean writer Maryse Condé died last night. Born on a carnival day in 1934, the daughter of the first black teacher on the island began her life in Pointe-à-Pitre, where she quickly became immersed in French culture, before leaving to study in Paris, where she will ultimately reconnect with her origins by confronting, in particular, the racism of the time. Among the major themes of his writings were slavery, colonialism and multiple black identities.

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