Charles III suffering from cancer: Camilla Parker Bowles shocked by Prince Harry’s attitude during his visit


If today he seems to be in a process of peace, Prince Harry’s numerous revelations about the British royal family have caused too much damage, particularly on his relationship with his big brother William. A true main character in his memoirs, the Prince of Wales takes his place and would therefore be responsible for almost all the misfortunes of Meghan Markle’s husband. “He put down the glass of water, cursed at me again and then lunged at me. It happened very quickly. He grabbed me by the collar, broke my necklace and threw me to the ground “I landed in the dog’s bowl which, breaking under my back, cut me. I was dizzy for a moment, then I got up and told him to get out.” he writes about a violent altercation which broke out due to the attitude of the former American actress, thus revealing that the heir to the throne was capable of the worst anger. Kate Middleton – who would not have been the most welcoming to Prince Harry’s wife – is also entitled to her share of criticism. Without forgetting Camilla Parker Bowles, described as a stepmother straight out of a Disney production.

Throughout the pages and interviews, the son of King Charles III and Lady Diana asserts that the Queen Consort would be “wicked” and “dangerous”. Camilla Parker Bowles would, according to him, be the mole of the British media and would not have hesitated to throw out some juicy information about him to restore his image – she who could not get rid of her image of a home wrecker. “With her, about to be queen consort, there were going to be people or bodies left in the street,” he said.

Prince Harry not welcome in the UK?

An entire year has passed since these chilling revelations. And the resentments seem stubborn on both sides. Upon learning that his father had cancer, Prince Harry didn’t think twice and jumped on the first plane. On February 6, 2024, he arrived straight from California to get direct news from King Charles III. Except that his visit didn’t really go as planned. “Harry traveled to see his father, he was even thinking of going with him to Sandringham. But he was asked to come to Clarence House and was informed that the meeting would not last more than 30 minutes,” confided a source before adding: “They were afraid that if he came to Sandringham, they would no longer be able to get rid of him”

What Camilla Parker Bowles couldn’t stand during Harry’s visit

Everyone was taken by surprise by this sudden desire to return to the United Kingdom, starting with Camilla Parker Bowles – who couldn’t believe her ears. According to several British media, the queen consort was outraged by the attitude of her son-in-law. “Her Majesty was furious, Harry arrived from his luxurious Californian home without obtaining approval from the palace and came with behavior… I was told that Camilla was outraged.”, we can read in the National Enquirer . Charles III’s wife is said to be convinced that Prince Harry would use his father’s illness to give himself the image of a “loving son”. For his part, Meghan Markle’s husband was not delighted to see his mother-in-law again. He reportedly asked that she not be in the room when he spoke with the king. Atmosphere.

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