London: “UK To Supply Depleted Uranium Munitions To Ukraine


Putin: “Russia will be forced to react if the West starts using weapons with a nuclear component”.

Supply of Depleted Uranium

The UK will supply Ukraine with munitions containing depleted uranium, including armor-piercing shells for Challenger 2 tanks, British Defense Undersecretary Annabel Goldie said. “Such shells are highly effective for defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles,” Goldie said in a statement.

Russia will be forced to react if the West starts using weapons with a nuclear component. This is what was stated by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. During a joint press conference with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, which was held in Moscow, Putin thus commented on the United Kingdom’s decision on the supply of depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine, announced today by the British Defense Undersecretary Annabel Goldie.

“Russia will be forced to react (to these supplies), considering that the collective West is using weapons with nuclear components,” said the Russian head of state. “Evidently, the West intends to fight with Russia to the last Ukrainian in deed and not just in words,” Putin added.

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