Riverbed Unveils Alluvio Aternity’s Enhanced Energy Efficiency


Riverbed announces new energy efficiency features in its digital experience management (DEM) solution, Alluvio Aternity. Available later this month, Aternity will include pre-built dashboards that provide IT managers and employees with insights into the environmental impact of using company devices. Combined with Aternity Sentiment’s automation and analytics capabilities, the solution supports sustainability initiatives, energy efficiency awareness and reporting requirements, while helping to reduce costs associated with energy consumption which may be avoidable.

Aternity collects and correlates granular data on real-world end-user performance from across applications and devices, and translates it into actionable insights on environmental issues to reduce carbon emissions. With the new energy efficiency offering, businesses can now view and identify which laptops and PCs are operating and consuming energy even when not in use. With this information, IT teams can automate changing the power settings of some or all of these devices to significantly reduce the company’s overall energy consumption. The new energy efficiency offering also includes dynamic messages that inform users of their energy consumption and offer solutions to change their behavior. Alluvio Aternity also offers user sentiment survey models to strengthen their engagement and promote the adoption of sustainable practices for a positive impact on the environment.

Riverbed’s client, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT), one of the UK’s largest national healthcare providers, is one of the companies prioritizing key sustainability goals .

Full-spectrum Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Management (DEM) includes end-user experience monitoring (EUEM) and application performance management (APM) and provides insight into the business impact of the experience digitally support customers and employees by collecting and storing technical telemetry and sentiment feedback from employee devices, every type of enterprise application and cloud-native application service. Deployed as an agent on end-user desktops or application infrastructure, Alluvio Aternity measures what users actually see for each transaction, each application, running on any workstation. Today, Alluvio Aternity manages more than six million devices worldwide, including five million for SaaS, and processes more than 250 billion activities per day, playing a critical role in the digital employee experience (DEX). . Alluvio Aternity is part of Riverbed’s Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio, which also includes network performance management (NPM) solutions and Alluvio IQ, a unified observability service delivered as a SaaS that highlights issues with context to to resolve them quickly.

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