Zelensky’s European Journey: London Stop And Beyond


After Paris, which has promised dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks and requested new sanctions against Russia, a surprise visit to London. “The UK is a leader when it comes to expanding our capabilities on the ground and in the air” – says President Zelensky. And Prime Minister Sunak confirms to Kiev the further supply of hundreds of air defense missiles and unmanned aerial systems, including new long-range attack drones, with a range of over 200 km. Added to this is an appeal from Downing Street to the Western allies to “support Kiev militarily – he says – at this crucial moment”. Beijing’s special envoy is also on a mission to mediate on the war, who starting today will visit Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia.

On the ground, the Ukrainian counter-offensive is not yet ready and the fighting is concentrated in Bakhmut: “The defense continues – says Zelensky’s army -. Russian troops don’t change their objectives, but we managed to advance for days.” In the meantime, new troubles for Wagner’s boss: according to files leaked from the Pentagon reported by the Washington Post, he offered Ukraine information on the location of Putin’s soldiers in exchange for the Ukrainian withdrawal from Bakhmut. Prigozhin branded everything as fake news: “I didn’t help Kiev bomb us”. On the other hand, Zelensky denies having planned to strike targets in Russia: “We only want the illegitimately occupied territories,” he says. The wheat agreement, mediated by the UN and Turkey, is in the balance, where the current elections weigh. But Reuters writes that the parties are close to an agreement to extend it.

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