Analyzing Leonardo’s Shareholders: Insights Into Company Ownership


Let’s see what is the composition of Leonardo’s shareholders. Who are the major shareholders of the Italian defense giant?

Leonardo S.p.A. represents a leading Italian excellence in the aerospace, defense and security sectors. The company operates nationally, but also internationally serving British, American and Polish clients. Its action space is occupied directly or through a series of subsidiaries and joint ventures, such as for example DRS Technologies Group, Telespazio Group, Thales Alenia Space Group, MBDA Group, GIE ATR and Sistemi Dinamici S.p.A.

From his birth in 1948 to 2016, Leonardo was known under the name of Finmeccanica. The change of company name took place on 1 January 2017, inspired by the scientist Leonardo Da Vinci. Listed on the FTSE Mib of the Milan Stock Exchange since 1992, with a market value of 6.91 billion dollars Leonardo today represents the 23rd most capitalized company (data as of May 14, 2023). But let’s see below who are the shareholders who represent the company and what you need to know about their shareholding.

Leonardo: This is Who the Shareholders Are

Leonardo’s share capital consists of 578,150,395 ordinary shares (with the same number of voting rights) with a nominal value of 4.4 euros each. The free float represents 69.3% of outstanding shares, while 0.5% consists of treasury shares. Based on the information released by Consob on May 11, 2023 and the information obligation on the part of shareholders for significant shareholdings (>3%) pursuant to art. 120 of the Consolidated Law on Finance and art. 117 of the Issuers’ Regulation, Leonardo’s shareholders are as follows:

Ministry of Economy And Finance

The Ministry of Economy and Finance controls the company with 30.204% of the shares, equal to 174,626,554 units. The MEF’s current stake in Leonardo’s capital derives from a privatization process that began in 1992, when Carlo Azeglio Ciampi was in government and the director general of the Treasury was Mario Draghi. At the time Finmeccanica was owned by IRI and making it private led to its listing on the Stock Exchange. In 2000, IRI sold 44% of Finmeccanica’s capital, remaining with just over 32%. Shortly thereafter, the state holding company was put into liquidation and the Finmeccanica share passed to the Italian Treasury.

Institutional And Retail Investors

Institutional and retail investors represent the free float. According to the company’s website in March, 51.8% concern identified institutional investors, 17.5% individual investors and the rest unidentified institutional investors. A breakdown by region shows that 53% of the shareholders come from North America, 17.6% from the United Kingdom, 7.2% from France, 6.9% from Italy, 9.7% from the rest of Europe and 5.6% from the rest of the world. Notable institutional investors include: Dimensional Fund Advisors LP, The Vanguard Group, Norges Bank Investment, T. Rowe Price International Ltd Management, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, BlackRock Fund Advisors, Goldman Sachs Asset Management International and DNCA Finance SA.

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