CPL Aromas’ EcoBoost: Overcoming Market Constraints


A family business founded in 1971 in the United Kingdom, CPL Aromas has grown significantly in the following decades, particularly internationally. Since the 2000s, the composition house has refocused on perfumery, while multiplying technological advances. Among these, EcoBoost (2009), an innovation rooted in an eco-responsible approach, more relevant than ever to meet the constraints linked to the creation of perfume.
EcoBoost allows you to significantly reduce the concentration of a perfume, without any compromise in terms of potency or quality. The choice of a low concentration makes it possible to use intense materials in larger quantities, for a performance equal to current standards. By using only 10% of a classic dosage, this innovation responds to the increasingly complex issues surrounding perfume formulation today.

Reduced Concentration

With less concentration, volume and sourcing, EcoBoost reduces the energy needed for manufacturing. It allows CPL Aromas to reduce the carbon footprint of its fragrances and improve the ecological credibility of a brand. The attraction of this innovation lies in this low concentration: perfumers can thus create high-performance trails by favoring a palette of powerful renewable ingredients. “While this technology has always been eco-friendly, today it meets growing demands in terms of sustainable commitment,” says Alexandra Paumard, evaluator at CPL Aromas.

But the EcoBoost has more than one string to its bow. Thanks to a condensed formula, the perfume concentrate and the volume are lower, thus limiting the costs of packaging and transport. The low concentration also limits the mass of ingredients and allergens, and makes it possible to lighten the labeling. With a very low amount of solvent, the EcoBoost further improves the solubility, stability and compatibility of the perfume with the base. It also solves the growing difficulties related to sourcing.

“The industry is currently experiencing problems with the supply of ingredients, which means that it has to operate on a tight schedule,” explains Alexandra Paumard. “EcoBoost technology makes it possible to source less and better, without compromising on the quality and olfactory rendering of the formula, a valuable argument in the face of the rising cost of raw materials”.

Finally, this innovation has the advantage of being able to use the same formula from one support to another, whether it is a perfume, a candle or a skincare product.

Redesigned Compositions

Due to its low concentration, EcoBoost leads to rethinking the way of formulating. As explained by Olivier Maurel, perfumer at CPL Aromas, this technology required a period of adaptation, in particular for the choice of raw materials. “Experimental work made it possible, during the first years, to establish a methodology, which was then passed on to the youngest perfumers”.

The EcoBoost palette has around 200 ingredients, including potent CPL captives, to chisel an intense wake. With this innovation, it is possible to reintegrate into formulas materials whose use is limited by IFRA, “like natural materials such as oak moss or molecules such as coumarin or certain musks”, while respecting the regulatory standards in force. “Since it is ten times less dosed, we can proportionally use more”, continues Olivier Maurel.

Finally, the EcoBoost technology also promotes the use of expensive and high-quality natural products, which some customers could not have access to with a conventional formulation. In short, this innovative approach frees aesthetic research from numerous regulatory and financial constraints.

A Technology Dedicated to a Large Clientele

Originally acclaimed by consumer brands, EcoBoost now reaches a varied clientele, like fine perfumery. Its ecological advantages and its sophisticated formulas indeed seduce confidential, high-end houses, in search of creativity.

With EcoBoost, CPL Aromas therefore offers a 360° response to the creative specifications. Adapted to the requirements of a constantly changing market, this forward-looking technology opens up new creative horizons since it is compatible with the use of innovative captives.

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