UK Applauds Delay Of Israeli Legal Reform


British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly welcomed the decision to postpone a controversial reform that would give Israel’s parliament more control over the country’s judicial system.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the postponement of future legislation on Monday March 27 after weeks of massive protests.

“The UK welcomes Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision today to suspend legislation to reform Israel’s justice system,” Cleverly said.

Bilateral Relations Between Israel And The UK

On Tuesday (21 March), Mr Cleverly met Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in London to sign the 2030 roadmap for bilateral relations between Israel and the UK.

The agreements reached under the 2030 roadmap will deepen cooperation in the areas of technology, research and development, security and cybersecurity, according to the latest press release from the Business Office. Foreign and Commonwealth.

In the United States, the White House also welcomed this decision, calling it “an opportunity to free up additional time and space for a compromise”, indicated Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary, during a press conference, according to The Guardian.

“The UK has a deep and historic relationship with Israel. As the Prime Minister stressed during his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu last week, it is essential that the shared democratic values that underpin this relationship are upheld and that a strong system of checks and balances is preserved,” said Mr. Cleverly.

“We urge all parties to find common ground and seek a long-term compromise on this sensitive issue,” he continued.

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