Foodtech Investments Thrive In Europe’s Market


This is one of the key lessons from the annual report of DigitalFoodlab, which analyzed all the fundraisings carried out in 2022 in the foodtech ecosystem in Europe. Delivery-related investments are down 68%. Excluding this part of foodtech, the sums invested in the rest of the sector increased by 21%.

Admittedly, the amounts raised are fewer and lower in European foodtech in 2022. Overall, all of these operations amount to nearly 6 billion euros over the year 2022, 5.9 billion euros precisely, i.e. 36% less than in 2021. The number of operations counted in the millions also fell, by 17% over the year 2022 compared to 2021. But as often, behind the large masses also hide strong disparities.

Packaging, Alternative Proteins And Data

Excluding the delivery sector, which has been the locomotive of fundraising over the past two years, the results actually become more than respectable. This sector recorded a 68% drop in past deals. Quick trade, an ultra dynamic part of delivery again last year, is collapsing and no longer attracts investors. Excluding delivery, therefore, we see that investments in the foodtech sector are increasing by 21% in 2022 compared to 2021. “Today they concern a wider range that includes packaging, alternative proteins, new drinks and data,” comments Matthieu Vincent, co-founder of Digitalfoodlab, the consulting company behind the study.

Cock-a-Doodle Doo !

While the United Kingdom remains by far the promised land of start-ups, France is also doing well. In these two countries, the number of transactions concluded in 2022 is on the rise. The country of the Union Jack attracted 1.5 billion euros of investment in 2022 (+ 300 million € compared to 2021), and 1 billion € for France (+ 120 million € ) “Paris has become an important European foodtech market. His reputation was already made for the sciences related to agriculture. Today, his tech is also recognized for the offer and innovation around products,” underlines Matthieu Vincent.

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