UK: Man mixes his sperm with his father’s to get his wife pregnant


Barnsley Town Council has applied to the High Court to find out the true parentage of the child, born 5 years ago. But the courts ruled that it remained the family’s “affair”.

The grandfather would in fact be the father, and the father the half-brother. Five years ago, a British man experiencing fertility problems mixed his sperm with his father’s so his wife could get pregnant. This very original manipulation led to the birth of a little boy. But the matter took a legal turn. The council of the town of Barnsley, located between Leeds and Sheffield, applied to the High Court to find out the child’s true parentage.

This Thursday, February 15, justice ruled against the city, report the British media, including The Guardian. She notably considered that the complainant had “no interest” in the result of a paternity test and that the family could carry out a paternity test later, but that it was “his business”.

Potential emotional harm

Five years ago, PQ and his partner JK (the protagonists cannot be named, for legal reasons) were experiencing fertility problems and could not afford in vitro fertilization. They therefore had the idea of mixing PQ’s sperm with that of a fertile man, in this case his father, to increase the chances. The operation was a success. According to the High Court, there is a “strong chance” that the child’s grandfather is in fact his father. And his father is therefore his half-brother.

In making his decision, the judge ruled that the little boy, now five years old, was “an only child who would not exist without the unusual arrangements made for his conception”. He added, however, that “these arrangements also created the conditions for potential emotional harm if he were to learn” how it was designed.

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