Pendle Hill’s Witch Child: Unraveling the Village’s Fateful Catastrophe


The Salem Witch Trials took place in the late 17th century and are the most famous of all witch trials, but for those who know a little about Britain’s dark history, it is clear that the Pendle Witch Trials were just as devastating and disturbing. They took place several decades before those in Salem and served as a template for Puritan accusers across the pond. One of the unusual elements, but one that was to play a crucial role, was the use of child testimonies.

The Pendle witch trial in 1612 relied entirely on the eyewitness testimony of a nine-year-old girl who testified against her entire family, sending them to their deaths. Click through the gallery below to learn more about this horrific chapter of history and how it influenced the centuries of witch hunts that followed.

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