United Kingdom, King Charles III at his first speech to Parliament


The figure of Charles has always been in everyone’s imagination, that of the eternal heir to the throne, faced with 70 uninterrupted years of speeches from the Queen, his mother, now comes his turn.

From the Queen’s Speech to the King’s Speech the step was not short at all, no.

Yet the day of his first speech as king, as Charles III and before the parliament of the United Kingdom, has arrived.

Who knows what thoughts move in the head of a sovereign before thinking and writing a speech, but it is not just any speech: it is a solemn act on the Westminster calendar which marks the inauguration of a new year of parliamentary work , against the backdrop of traditions and choreography with great pomp, as usual.

Charles III addressed it in her first speech a few days before his 75th birthday after 14 months of effective reign: it was 8 September 2022, when he succeeded Elizabeth upon her death.

It was the first speech read by a male sovereign since the farewell speech of his grandfather George VI, king of victory in the Second World War (and victory over stuttering), dated 1951.

Who doesn’t remember the beautiful film that recalls his speech, filmed in 2010 directed by Tom Hooper and the regal face of Colin Firth.

Text divided into 21 bill-manifesto bills, largely already announced for some time on matters such as the promise of strict ‘law and order’ (starting from rapes and the most sadistic sexual violence, for which the penalty should be automatic life sentence) and a revival of the economy.

As well as commitments against smoking, support for healthcare or education, and the fight against anti-Semitism.

And with a final introductory tribute to the seven decades of “service to the country” of his deceased “beloved mother”.

Then, the heavy “challenges” bequeathed to the Kingdom “by the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine” not to mention the current events of the Middle East.

Good first one, Charles III.

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