High Demand for Unvaccinated Semen on Social Media


Semen samples wanted from a man not vaccinated against Covid. Rare commodity after a pandemic and mass immunization. The anti-vax sentiment also ‘infects’ the world of fertilization, and the movement that promotes it seems to have also steadily infiltrated Facebook groups of sperm donors who offer their ‘services’ online to women looking for a child. According to an exclusive investigation by the ‘Daily Mail’ which investigated the phenomenon, requests for sperm from non-vaccinated people have had an exploit.

It happens in the USA, where Jonathan David Rinaldi, nicknamed ‘The Sperminator’, for years a prolific donor in the ‘Facebook Sperm Donation USA’ group, the largest community of this type in the States, after seeing a “massive increase” in requests for sperm from unvaccinated donors, he decided to break away and found his own ‘splitist’ group exclusively for anti-vaxers. “Are there any donors in Alabama and surrounding areas? No Covid vaccine, no sexually transmitted diseases, only artificial insemination – is one of the published announcements – My wife and I are expanding our family and hope to find someone who can help us”.

The group has nearly 250 members and has responded to requests from many people, they report. The members? Young professionals, gay couples, single women from both the US and UK. Most donors offer their sperm for free. Rinaldi, 44, is one of millions of Americans who have been captivated by the theory that Covid vaccines somehow harm the reproductive system. This is despite the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) having repeatedly stated that there is no evidence that shield injections affect fertility and studies involving tens of millions of people have concluded that they are safe.

“I don’t trust ‘big government’, ‘big pharma’. I don’t trust them and I don’t need to inject things that I don’t even know what they are,” Rinaldi told the ‘DailyMail’ online. Users in his group share his idea, with posts linking the Covid injection to sperm death and containing other fake news related to vaccines. The supply-demand for anti-vax sperm runs on the web, not on official channels. And in fact ‘Cryos’, one of America’s largest sperm banks, actually stated that it had “very few customers requesting information on unvaccinated donors”. What was observed in the survey instead was a new interest in unvaccinated donors on Facebook groups in the United States.

Women looking for ‘test tubes’ specify “no Covid vax” in their posts. Donors identify themselves with formulas such as ‘unvaccinated man’ or specify “sperm not modified by mRna”. One woman posted a photo of her positive pregnancy test after anti-vax sperm donation, proudly commenting, “Another ‘farm raised,’ ‘not drug store raised,’ baby on the way.” As a child, Rinaldi received measles-mumps-rubella, polio and chickenpox vaccines. When he had his first child, he began to question the need for vaccinations. Since then he has not had any shield injections. “And when the school started saying my son had to have them…I really don’t like the Government telling me what to do, so it made me think about doing the opposite.”

The announcements in the thematic group follow one another. There is a single mother of a 2 year old boy, to whom she would like to give a little brother. And among those who propose there is also a man who was himself conceived using sperm donation and today offers himself as an unvaccinated donor. Rinaldi, of Forest Hills, New York, began donating sperm when a lesbian friend asked him for help conceiving a baby. He now has three children with his ex-partner and 16 others conceived thanks to the donation.

This article is originally published on adnkronos.com


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