Tel Aviv’s Vibrant Color Revolution


For several months, a color revolution had been brewing in Israel. Tens of thousands of citizens demonstrated every Saturday night, mainly in Tel Aviv, but also elsewhere. The demonstrations caused traffic jams and seriously interfered with the daily life of the country. At its peak, a demonstration in Tel Aviv was attended by over 250,000 people. Then Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu postponed his reforms of the judicial system until after the holidays. This helped a little: the demonstrations decreased in size and intensity. Even the frictions with the Palestinians have given the premier a hand. However, it was a strong movement, similar to those of other countries, such as the Kiev Maidan, the Occupy of New York, the Beirut Revolution, the Arab Spring, the Velvet Uprising, the Orange Revolution, the dignity, etc.

Now, from the NYT we’ve learned something about the real causes of the movement. The NYT discovered, thanks to US intelligence leaks, that the impetus for the movement and its coordination had been provided by the Mossad and Shin Beth, the external and internal secret services of the Jewish state. It wasn’t a complete surprise; the Israeli media had duly informed their readers that Mossad personnel had been allowed to participate in the demonstrations and retired Mossad chiefs had been presented by the rebels as their leaders. Their well-established participation was discovered by their American brothers. The rebels’ love for America was especially evident during the demonstrations in front of the US embassy. Blue and white national banners were flown over the crowds, emphasizing their patriotism, along with numerous Stars and Stripes flags.

In addition to the Mossad, the bankers had also actively supported the uprising. Private banks, the Bank of Israel, financial structures, were all in favor of the revolt. As well as generals, the army and senior officers. And the villain Schwab, represented by Yuval Noah Harari, was also with them. Ironically, Israeli government officials refer to the opposition as “leftist”. Sure, the bankers, the Davos mob and the spies are the new communists!

Soros’ feminists and men also support the movement. Meanwhile, Justice Minister Yariv Levin said the US administration was aiding Israeli protesters in their protests against the coalition’s judicial reform plan. Washington “is working collaboratively with them on this, as you can see from the things people in government have said,” Levin told Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) political operatives, in a video first published on Monday by Israel’s Walla portal.

Levin stated that the new government has absolutely no necessary tools [to govern]: all the banks, courts and army chiefs belong to the opposition (or rather, to the deep state). Legal reform would be needed to level the playing field. Trump had been in a similar situation, but he had no plan to get out of it. The difference is that President Trump had enough constitutional tools at his disposal, but he didn’t have the means to exploit those constitutional advantages.

Israel is a good place to visit if you want to experience that Jews are not as smart as they think. One must be very foolish to call the bankers and the US State Department “leftist”. Thomas Friedman, the reliable voice of the establishment, often tells us about the men he hates. The current list includes Putin, Trump and Netanyahu. Here’s an example of his latest tirade [behind paywall]. Being compared to Putin and Trump is just as bad as being compared to Hitler. Netanyahu is now in good company.

All of this comes unexpectedly: Bibi was the favorite son of American politicians and was greeted by Congress with multiple standing ovations. But he is too masculine and America prefers itself and its allies to be run by someone a little softer. A woman, an immigrant or a homosexual, as in the UK, would be much more acceptable to them. Someone who takes orders.

The casus belli of the Color Revolution had been judicial reform. In other words, something trivial. Israel is fortunate to have a strange legal system, where judges are elected by other judges. An outsider will never truly understand – or even hack into this system. But it is by no means a hot topic. Nobody cares, just as nobody understands the proposal for a new judicial system. It is just an argument that makes people take to the streets to demonstrate and shout. Even more ludicrous are the pieties about the need to preserve Israeli “democracy”: a “democracy” in which half the population does not have the right to vote. But they swear by it and are ready to face anything to defend “democracy”.

These democracy lovers do not even consider the Palestinians as human beings. Even Eastern and Orthodox Jews are not right for them. And that was their downfall. There are few ways to achieve a majority in Parliament: you have to co-opt Orthodox Jews or Oriental Jews. And the Palestinians, of course. But Ashkenazi Jews do not want to part with or share their power. If they fail to win the election, they will make a color revolution. However, they underestimated Bibi Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is a very experienced politician. He minimized the danger by censoring news of the situation and, after Easter, organized a rally of his supporters. This attracted 200,000 participants, far outnumbering the Tel Aviv demonstrations. After that he indulged in his usual wiles of him. He knows that Israeli Jews love wars, especially safe ones. For this purpose he chose the far-right politician Itamar Ben Gvir. He is a rather pleasant looking and relatively young man, a dreamer of the Temple Mount.

He walked the Temple Mount and angered Palestinian worshipers (during Ramadan, the holy month). As a result, hundreds of them were beaten and arrested inside the al Aqsa mosque. As expected, these actions provoked a response from a small group of militants called Islamic Jihad. The jihadists, according to the Israeli version, launched “a thousand missiles” at Israel. I don’t believe this figure: it doesn’t make sense that a thousand missiles were fired and no one was injured. (An 80-year-old lady died, but at that age it can happen anyway). A missile defense official said the system also counts the self-destruct of their missiles as “successful hits”. Or it could just be a fantasy number. Israel attacked the Gaza Strip with US-supplied munitions and killed 35 people, including some children.

Laian, 8, was killed in her home in Gaza. This bloodshed immediately pacified the rebellious Israelis. They no longer wanted to fight for “democracy”, they did not care about the choice of judges. They just wanted Palestinian blood. They got blood and that’s it. Netanyahu knew it. He had used this tactic before. A war in Gaza is always successful, because Gaza has no weapons to defend itself. It’s as safe as shooting a fish in a barrel.

As Israeli leader Netanyahu is not too bloodthirsty either. He has never led his country into a truly dangerous war. He continues to bomb Syria and Gaza; Gaza is defenseless and Syria is (partly) occupied by the United States. He also kills Palestinians in the West Bank: his bands of Arab-dressed assassins, the so-called mustaarvim, roam Nablus and Jenin assassinating would-be freedom fighters. They have already killed over 60 since the beginning of the year. he Now he has promised Islamic Jihad that the killings will stop; but his promises are not worth much. He approached Putin, for good personal reasons.

Russia has an air base in Syria and the Russians could do more to defend Syria and Palestine. Netanyahu, on the other hand, could do more for Ukraine, as the Americans are asking. The NY Times asks for it and proposes that Bibi attack the Russian base and drive the Russians out of Syria. Bibi does not want to play this dangerous game and does not feel she has to support Ukraine, as the Ukrainians were the most terrible killers of Jews in WWII, worse than the Germans. They had killed thousands of Jews in Kiev and elsewhere, led by their now much admired Bandera. They had manned all the concentration camps as guards. Only the Lithuanians had behaved worse towards the Jews, but there weren’t many of them. Bibi’s father was a historian, so he learned it at home. Even pious Jews have this memory. But the opposition takes its orders from US Jews, to whom this story is irrelevant. They prefer to blame the Germans for the Holocaust and support Ukraine against Russia.

Netanyahu gave Ukraine some Israeli war material, which he had refused to do before the demonstrations. Meanwhile, the threat of the color revolution has faded. Its promoters abandoned the protest for legal reform and moved on to general attacks on ultra-Orthodox Jews. Bibi welcomes it: the ultra-Orthodox Jews are his allies. However, it’s too early to think that the color revolution is over. It has faded, but it can regain strength.

Both sides in the internal Israeli conflict are bad; neither promises justice for the Palestinians. But, given the choice, Netanyahu, with his far-right allies, is for the best. He is even more experienced. I would probably bet on him, while keeping in mind that it is very difficult to win against the Deep State, and the Deep State is definitely against him.

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