ISIVI & IMQ: Real Estate Appraiser Recognition Agreement


ISIVI, the Italian Institute of Real Estate Valuation, and IMQ, a company of the IMQ Group, sign a collaboration agreement which will allow the UNI 11558 Certified Real Estate Valuers from IMQ to receive from ISIVI the prestigious REV (Recognised European Valuer) recognition of TEGOVA, the most large European federation of real estate valuers.

This agreement aims to elevate the profession of all IMQ-certified evaluators who have invested in their training and passed the UNI 11558 certification exam. The REV recognition mark, issued by ISIVI as a TEGOVA Full Member, places the evaluator in the European register of REV assessors on the TEGOVA website and within the Italian register on the ISIVI website.

REV brand

But more extensively, the REV brand distinguishes appraisers who operate according to the European Valuation Standards (EVS) issued by TEGOVA and taken as the main reference for the profession in the field of real estate appraisals for bank credit.
The agreement provides that real estate valuers certified by IMQ according to the UNI 115558 standard who join the REV program can receive from ISIVI the recognition, certificate and designation (REV) to be affixed to their name without having to take other exams as the criteria of the IMQ certification process already meet the minimum TEGOVA criteria.

Luke Brucato

Luke Brucato, President of ISIVI, comments on the agreement: “We are proud to be able to extend the REV recognition towards UNI 11558 certified evaluators from IMQ and give European visibility to these professionals of the highest standing in Italy, while providing them with a “ home” association such as ISIVI where they can find visibility, training and industrial representation.

The profession of real estate valuer is constantly evolving due to the increasingly stringent European banking regulations and never before has it been necessary for clients to be able to identify those valuers who have invested in training and certification according to EVS standards” – states Brucato.

“I believe that the partnership between ISIVI and IMQ represents a significant step in raising the standards of excellence in the real estate sector” declared Gianluca Marradi Director of the Certification of Professional Figures Business Unit of IMQ. “I thank ISIVI for proposing this agreement which, on the one hand, allows us to offer the evaluators certified by us a further tool of distinction on the market, on the other it allows us to continue our mission of moralizing the market and promotion of certified quality” – comments Brucato.

ISIVI is an association of real estate professionals who believe that training,
professional certification, technological innovation are the basis of a solid, transparent and competitive Italian real estate market on an international scale. ISIVI is Full Member of TEGOVA, the largest European federation of real estate valuer associations which represents the interests of over 70,000 professionals. ISIVI is authorized by TEGOVA to issue the REV (Recognized European Valuer, ed.) mark to its members throughout Italy.

The association is also Principal Member of the Italian chapter of FIABCI Italia, an exclusive international real estate federation that has existed since 1951 and has more than 2,500 members in 45 countries that include professionals, companies and institutions that are active in the real estate sector.

IMQ is a company of the IMQ Group, one of the most important Italian companies in the conformity assessment sector (certification, tests, checks, inspections). Strengthened by the synergy between the companies that compose it, the authority acquired in over 70 years of experience, the completeness of the services offered, the IMQ Group places itself as a point of reference and partner of companies whose objective is safety, quality and sustainable growth.

The IMQ Group is today made up of a holding company (IMQ Group S.r.l) and 12 operating companies, five of which are in Italy – IMQ S.p.A., CSI S.p.A., IMQ Intuity S.r.l, IMQ Minded Security S.r.l., IMQ eAmbiente S.r.l. – and seven abroad: IMQ CSI Deutschland GmbH (Germany), IMQ Iberica S.L. (Spain), IMQ Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland), IMQ Certification (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom), IMQ Certification (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (China), IMQ Turkey (Turkey), IMQ Gulf FZCo (United Arab Emirates). In the field of professional figures, IMQ is an Accredia accredited certification body.

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