Boss of PS Sparks Controversy by Not Excluding RN


Invited on Radio J this Sunday, November 5, the deputy for Seine-et-Marne spoke of a major demonstration against anti-Semitism, not refusing the presence of the RN under certain conditions. Which made the rebels and some members of his party cringe.

Big call and little hiccup. The boss of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure called this Sunday, November 5, “all political forces” to a rally against anti-Semitism, in a context of increasing anti-Semitic acts in France since the October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel. “I call on all political forces to say that it is not possible for there to be the slightest anti-Semitic act or word in France, that Jewish French people cannot be held responsible for acts which have been committed by other Jews elsewhere in the world,” Faure declared on Radio J the day after a day of demonstrations in support of Palestine in which all left-wing parties participated.

Asked about the presence of the National Rally, the First Secretary of the PS declared that the invitation was also intended for them, under certain conditions: “If the RN is willing to respond to this call and ensure that it breaks away from its own history and a part of its elected representatives. “Two conditions which are not close to being met” clarified in the process the entourage of Olivier Faure who recalls that “the RN draws its roots from anti-Semitism making its presence incompatible with the march initiated by the PS” .

“What a decline”

Barely raised, the hypothesis of this march led to strong criticism from LFI, at odds with the PS since the latter announced a moratorium on the Nupes. From Strasbourg where he was holding a conference this Sunday, the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon warned that he would “never go to a demonstration with the National Rally”. “Olivier Faure proposes an initiative against anti-Semitism to a party founded by the SS. What a decline! After marching with the Alliance Against Justice factionists, he will soon be arm in arm with the Le Pen heiress… everything fits,” attacks, for his part, the LFI deputy Aurélien Saintoul on X (formerly Twitter).

Within the PS, this non-exclusion in principle of the RN makes one cough. “Agreeing to come together with the RN would be a serious mistake,” believes the mayor of Rouen Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. But, for once, the main internal opponent of the Prime Secretary said “[support] this initiative”. “All those who fight anti-Semitism, and all forms of racism, must be united,” he wrote on X.

“Let us seek to ensure that the entire left, the entire right, are in unison on this issue. Let’s fight together against anti-Semitism,” also launched the deputy for Seine-et-Marne. This gathering could be held at Place de la République in Paris “in the coming days” according to the wishes of Olivier Faure, who indicated that he would contact other political organizations to make this idea a reality.

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