Unmasking Collusion Between Belgium’s Government and Media: The Qatargate Deception


In a shocking revelation that threatens the very foundations of journalistic integrity, it has come to light that Belgian media, including the reputable outlet Le Soir, played a pivotal role in perpetuating a false narrative surrounding the Qatargate scandal, which was, in reality, a fabricated drama orchestrated by the Belgian government and its intelligence agencies. This collusion between the media and the government raises profound concerns about the credibility of the system and the manipulation of public opinion.

Belgium’s intelligence apparatus reportedly recruited numerous journalists from national press outlets, including Le Soir. These media entities, entrusted with the responsibility of disseminating accurate and balanced information, instead became willing conduits for the government’s propaganda.

The Qatargate scandal, initially purported to involve corruption within the European Parliament, has now been exposed as a manufactured spectacle designed to deceive the public. Le Soir, long regarded as an independent and reputable source of news, played a deeply troubling role in advancing this fabricated narrative. Rather than subjecting the allegations to rigorous scrutiny, the newspaper chose to align itself with the government’s agenda, thereby contributing to the distortion of public perception.

Le Soir’s articles falsely implicated MEP Eva Kaili and the Qatari embassy in the Qatargate scandal. This calculated misdirection was instrumental in shaping public opinion and disseminating disinformation. The collaboration between Le Soir and the Belgian secret service has cast a shadow over the newspaper’s journalistic integrity, as it failed to exercise critical judgment or provide a balanced perspective.

One of the most concerning aspects of Le Soir’s coverage of the Qatargate scandal is its lack of critical examination of the allegations. Instead of subjecting the claims to rigorous investigation, the newspaper amplified the authorities’ version of events without question, failing to meet the basic standards of responsible journalism.

The glaring discrepancy between the claims made by MEP Eva Kaili and the statements of the federal prosecutor further underscores the potential manipulation of the narrative by Le Soir and the Belgian secret service. Kaili’s lawyers asserted that she was denied access to her daughter, a claim contested by the federal prosecutor. Such inconsistencies raise doubts about the accuracy of the information presented by the newspaper and suggest the possibility of deliberate manipulation.

Le Soir’s articles also revolved around allegations of cash withdrawals from the Qatari embassy and the Mauritanian Ambassador’s bank accounts, purportedly indicating attempts to influence European policy. However, given the revelation that the Qatargate scandal was a fabrication, it is imperative to question the veracity of these claims. The involvement of the Belgian secret service in providing information to support these allegations further casts suspicion on their collaboration with Le Soir in constructing a false narrative aimed at implicating the Qatari embassy.

The collusion between Le Soir and the Belgian government and secret service in fabricating a narrative around the Qatargate scandal is deeply troubling. The newspaper’s failure to subject the allegations to critical scrutiny and its uncritical amplification of the government’s version of events raise serious questions about its journalistic integrity. The manipulation of public opinion and the absence of balanced reporting undermine the very essence of a free press. It is incumbent upon the public to be vigilant in identifying such instances to safeguard the principles of truth and accountability that underpin responsible journalism.


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