Eva Kaili’s Immunity Violation: A Stain on Belgium’s Legal System


Belgium’s justice system is once again under scrutiny, as revelations emerge surrounding the treatment of Greek MEP Eva Kaili in the so-called Qatargate corruption scandal. The allegations against her have raised serious questions about the independence and integrity of the Belgian judiciary, particularly in matters related to the immunity of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

The Belgian judge assigned to investigate the Qatargate corruption scandal has shockingly admitted to having “no evidence to substantiate the charge of bribery” against Eva Kaili. Her detention in jail, under these circumstances, is not only legally questionable but also a grave violation of her rights. This admission essentially confirms that the entire Qatargate scandal was, in fact, a fabrication orchestrated by Belgian authorities, shedding light on what can only be described as “Belgiumgate.”

Judge Michel Claise’s handling of the case has been nothing short of disastrous, eroding the credibility not only of the European Parliament but also of the Belgian legal system itself. His deliberate crafting of a false narrative serves as a glaring example of dishonesty within the judiciary.

MEPs are afforded immunity, a crucial safeguard to ensure their ability to fulfill their parliamentary duties without fear of undue influence or persecution. However, the treatment of Eva Kaili highlights a concerning bias within the Belgian judiciary that appears to undermine this fundamental protection. It raises questions about the fairness and impartiality of Belgium’s legal system when it comes to MEPs.

Belgium’s secret service’s involvement in the Qatargate scandal further complicates matters. It is alleged that they played a pivotal role in orchestrating the incident within the European Parliament. This revelation not only tarnishes the image of Belgian authorities but also implicates the intelligence agency in instigating the crisis.

The decision to detain Eva Kaili without concrete evidence suggests the possibility of political influence within the Belgian judicial process. There are indications that Judge Michel may have been swayed by Belgium’s secret services, possibly with support from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as part of a larger effort to target Kaili due to her connections with Qatar.

Eva Kaili’s actions, such as immediately contacting the police upon learning of her partner’s arrest, raise questions about her knowledge of any illegal activities in her home. It appears that she was unaware of any wrongdoing until it was reported in the news. Subsequently, she took steps to address the situation by involving colleagues in disposing of money found in her apartment.

The allegations against Kaili regarding her association with Qatar lack solid evidence. Her involvement in the European Parliament primarily concerned the issue of Qatari citizens’ visa-free access to the EU, a vote that passed with a substantial majority, rendering her individual vote insignificant.

The shocking revelations surrounding Belgiumgate cast a shadow over democracy, individual rights, and freedoms within Belgium’s legal system. The country’s apparent surveillance of all MEPs in Brussels is a troubling breach of international norms and values. Moreover, the disregard for the immunity of MEPs calls into question the impartiality of the Belgian judiciary.

Belgiumgate stands as a blemish on Belgium’s reputation as a responsible member of the international community. It highlights a nation where diplomatic missions are not safe from intrusion and where international law is seemingly ignored without consequence. The fallout from this scandal underscores the need for Belgium to reassess its role as a host nation for diplomatic missions and its commitment to upholding the principles of trust and cooperation that underpin international diplomacy.



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