Caffè Borbone: Boosting Revenues in Large Distribution


In June, Caffè Borbone recovers part of the margin lost in 2022, consolidates its presence in large-scale distribution and its performance in the direct digital channel and on Amazon.

The Neapolitan roasting company closed the first half with a turnover of 153.7 million euros, +14.7%. The gross operating margin is 41.1 million, +21.2% compared to last year, with the incidence on turnover going from 25.3% to 26.7%. The net financial position is negative for 19 million, net of the distribution of dividends for 30 million carried out in the first half.

In terms of distribution channels, the growth in large-scale distribution was 26%, more than double the average increase in the market (+11%, source Nielsen). The performance of the digital channel was also positive, +40%, thanks to sales on the direct e-commerce of Caffè Borbone, on Amazon and on specialized portals.
There is also good development abroad, with the launch of Amazon in the new markets of Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain. In the United States, Caivano’s company set up the newco Caffè Borbone America, the assets of which were acquired by the previous company with an outlay of 2.3 million euros.

“Despite the increases in the cost of coffee and the competitive pressure on the market – declares the CEO Marco Schiavon – in the half-year Caffè Borbone consolidated its strength in the single-portion market. In the second half of the year we plan to continue along the development path, also thanks to the excellent performance of online channels, sales in large-scale distribution and the launch of new products”.
Since 2018, Caffè Borbone has been 60% controlled by Italmobiliare, the financial company of the Pesenti family, which took over the package for 140 million from the founder and president Massimo Renda (today it holds the remaining 40%).

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