Criminal Harassment: Soccer Game Disturbance


Incessant texting and no less than 59 calls in two hours: A 50-year-old from Merseyside in the UK has been accused of harassment after breaking the camel’s back by constantly calling a friend’s house to talk to her husband during a match.

“It is unfortunate that you are in court today. The appeals were persistent and protracted,” Judge Mary Garvey said as she handed down her sentence on Thursday, according to The Mirror.

The judge, however, decided not to ratify a restraining order against Joanne Healey, 59, accused of having repeatedly harassed her friend of more than 30 years, Debbie Ashworth.

It all started last October when her friend allegedly told her that she had to leave the martial arts club founded by her husband, John Ashworth, because of her drinking habits.

It was then that the 50-year-old would have started to harass her friend by text messages and messages on social networks, but also by multiplying the calls on her fixed telephone line to insult her.

“I then told him several times to leave me alone and not to contact me again, but his reaction was to abuse alcohol, to shout and insult me, to call me and my husband ‘paedophiles’,” the woman told the court, according to the British media.

But the last straw came the night of a soccer game, where Joanne Healey’s husband joined the couple. It was then that he too would have started to receive incessant calls from his wife, despite being told that he would be home “soon”, according to what Ms. Ashworth reported.

The accused would then, again, have thrown herself on the fixed line of the family telephone to strafe the calls, which would have continued even after her husband had left the residence.

Since it was only a first offense and the woman would not have repeated her gesture since the beginning of the legal proceedings, she was sentenced to 12 months of community service as well as a fine of approximately $ 135 Canadian.

She will also have to participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities with the probation service, according to The Mirror.

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