Loire Adventure: Sail Le Français From Paimboeuf To Nantes!


On the occasion of the nautical event Débord de Loire, the three-master Le Français calls at Paimboeuf. The opportunity to discover this monument of maritime heritage.

As part of the Débord de Loire event, the famous three-master Le Français docked for the first time on the quays of Paimboeuf this Thursday, June 1, 2023 and it is possible to visit it until this Saturday, June 2.

The municipality invited several classes from schools in the municipality to come aboard to discover what was originally a traditional Baltic cargo ship, built in 1948 at the Svendborg shipyard in Denmark.

This Friday, June 2, Véronique Georges guided her CM1-CM2 students through the belly of this sailboat which has had a film career, used in numerous television and film productions, including The Three Musketeers, Shackleton and David Copperfield.

The young “moss” from the Quatre Amarres school were “impressed by the number of ropes there are” or even surprised “by the size of the basement”. A student “liked to see the cockpit”.

While Lelyo said he was ready to clean the pontoon like a good sailor, Caly admitted that she was no longer seasick after a few minutes on the boat.

The Frenchman, who now belongs to the Marine Events company (Saint-Malo), regularly welcomes schoolchildren, whether through the Tall Ship School association or with the Polar Witnesses foundation, which carries out awareness-raising actions. to climate change. A new role for this three-master which had only two at the start and which was a supply ship for Greenland.

Acquired in the 1980s by Square Sail in the United Kingdom, she was then chartered on numerous maritime festivals before starting a new life in 2018 under the French flag.

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