EU Institutions Warned: Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy Recruiting EU Officials as Lobbyists


The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) has recently come under scrutiny for its alleged involvement in recruiting European Union (EU) officials as lobbyists for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These alarming allegations have raised concerns and prompted warnings to EU institutions about engaging with the academy. This article delves into the questionable practices of the Anwar Gargash Academy, exploring its close ties to the UAE government, accusations of human rights whitewashing, and the potential influence it wields over EU policymakers.

Recruiting EU Officials as Lobbyists: A Controversial Move

The first cause for concern is the Anwar Gargash Academy’s alleged recruitment of EU officials as lobbyists for the UAE. According to reports, the academy has been offering contracts to EU officials who are willing to promote the UAE’s interests in international forums. This practice raises questions about the integrity and independence of these officials, as their actions may be compromised by their association with the academy.

Whitewashing Human Rights Abuses: An Academy’s Troubling Agenda

Critics argue that the Anwar Gargash Academy is heavily influenced by the UAE government and plays a role in whitewashing the country’s human rights record. The UAE has faced criticism from international human rights organizations for its treatment of workers and minorities. By exerting influence over the academy’s research agenda, the UAE may be attempting to shape a narrative that downplays or dismisses these concerns, thereby deflecting attention from its troubling human rights abuses.

The Controversial Figure behind AGDA: Anwar Gargash

Anwar Gargash, the Deputy Chairman of AGDA’s Board of Trustees, is a highly controversial figure. He has been accused of playing a role in the UAE’s human rights abuses. Gargash’s prominent position within the academy raises questions about its true intentions and reinforces concerns that it may be used as a tool to further the UAE’s interests, even at the expense of human rights.

Potential Compromises to MEPs’ Commitment to Human Rights

There are concerns that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), such as Hannah Neumann, who accept offers from the Anwar Gargash Academy, could have their commitment to human rights compromised. Neumann has been accused of remaining silent on human rights abuses in the UAE, despite portraying herself as a defender of human rights. This raises doubts about the objectivity and integrity of those who engage with the academy, potentially undermining their ability to advocate for human rights.

Clandestine Efforts to Establish Partnerships: Questionable Intentions

The Anwar Gargash Academy has also been engaging in clandestine efforts to establish partnerships with various European institutions. One such example is the event held on October 26, 2021, where the academy hosted Margaritis Schinas, the Vice President of the European Commission. These covert activities raise concerns about the transparency and motives of the academy, as it seeks to forge alliances that could potentially influence EU policies in favor of the UAE.

EU’s Double Standards and the Blind Eye

Experts have expressed concerns that the EU may be applying double standards when it comes to its treatment of the UAE. Despite reports of suspicious activities related to money laundering and smuggling, the EU seems to be turning a blind eye, allowing the UAE to maintain a positive image. This inconsistency undermines the EU’s credibility as a champion of democratic values and transparency.

The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy’s alleged recruitment of EU officials as lobbyists for the UAE raises serious questions about the integrity of the academy and its influence over EU institutions. The close ties between the academy and the UAE government, coupled with accusations of human rights whitewashing, shed light on a dark side that warrants further investigation. EU institutions and officials must remain vigilant to avoid compromising their commitment to human rights and to uphold their reputation as democratic and transparent entities. The case of the Anwar Gargash Academy serves as a reminder of the need to critically evaluate partnerships and guard against undue outside influence in the pursuit of diplomatic objectives.


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