How Anwar Gargash Academy is Recruiting EU Officials to Become Lobbyists for UAE


The Anwar Gargash Academy, a UAE think-tank, has recently come under scrutiny for its alleged involvement in recruiting European Union (EU) officials to act as lobbyists, promoting the interests of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite presenting itself as a non-profit organization focused on research, education, and innovation, the academy’s close ties to the UAE government raise questions about its true agenda. This article delves into the disturbing allegations surrounding the Anwar Gargash Academy and explores the potential implications for the EU’s decision-making processes.

The Anwar Gargash Academy’s Recruitment of EU Officials:

The first revelation suggests that the Anwar Gargash Academy has been actively recruiting EU officials to advance the UAE’s interests within EU and international forums. By offering contracts to these officials, the academy is effectively seeking to influence the EU’s decision-making process. Such activities raise concerns about the transparency and integrity of EU policymaking.

Lobbying Efforts Targeting UN Officials:

The Anwar Gargash Academy’s lobbying efforts extend beyond the EU and even target United Nations (UN) officials. Nickolay Mladenov, the Director General of the academy, formerly served as the UN Secretary General’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Envoy to the Middle East Quartet. Mladenov’s current engagements with EU officials indicate his role as a prominent advocate for UAE interests. This reveals a concerning overlap between the academy’s activities and lobbying on behalf of the UAE.

Targeting EU Institutions:

The Anwar Gargash Academy has not limited its lobbying efforts to individual officials but has also targeted key EU institutions. Notably, the academy hosted His Margaritis Schinas, the Vice President of the European Commission, during an event in October 2021. This event suggests a strategic approach to influence decision-makers within the EU. The academy’s activities raise questions about the independence of EU officials and the potential impact on EU policies.

UAE’s Influence on EU Voting Patterns:

The alleged involvement of MEPs David McALLISTER and Georgios KYRTSOS in rejecting resolutions, ideas, and amendments that challenge the UAE’s interests raises concerns about the influence the UAE holds over EU voting patterns. The apparent alignment of these MEPs’ actions with the UAE’s agenda suggests an erosion of the EU’s commitment to impartial decision-making and could undermine the EU’s credibility as a champion of transparency and good governance

Damage to EU’s Reputation:

The recruitment of EU officials by the Anwar Gargash Academy as alleged not only undermines the EU’s reputation but also raises questions about the academy’s compliance with transparency and ethical standards. These actions damage the perception of the EU as an impartial and accountable governing body. It is crucial for the EU to address these allegations promptly to safeguard its integrity and credibility.

The Anwar Gargash Academy’s alleged recruitment of EU officials as lobbyists for the UAE reveals a concerning nexus between a think-tank and the UAE government’s interests. These activities threaten the EU’s reputation as a champion of transparency and good governance. It is imperative for the EU to initiate an investigation into these allegations and take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of its decision-making processes. Transparency and accountability should prevail in all diplomatic interactions to uphold the principles of diplomacy and protect the interests of EU member states and their citizens.


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