Extinction Rebellion Plans UK Protest Escalation


The environmental group Extinction Rebellion threatened on Tuesday to intensify its protests in the United Kingdom with “new and creative” strategies if the British government does not accept its demands to address the climate crisis within seven days.

“As of today, the government is on notice,” Marijn van der Geer, spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, told the media at a press conference along with representatives of other organizations such as Global Justice Now, focused on the progress of countries in development, and Don’t Pay UK, a group that defends stop paying electricity bills.

Environmentalists are demanding that the Executive of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak veto “all new licences, permits and financing for fossil fuel projects.”

They also demand “the creation of emergency citizen assemblies to address fair and long-term solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.”

An Unprecedented Coalition

If the government does not meet these demands by next Tuesday, Extinction Rebellion “will create an unprecedented coalition” and intensify its campaigns “in the coming weeks and months,” Van der Geer said.

The “ultimatum” comes ahead of planned demonstrations by the environmental group in central London from next Friday to Monday.

Extinction Rebellion has promoted numerous protests since 2018, including a series of actions that paralyzed transport in various areas of the British capital in April 2019.

Since then, they have made headlines in the media with measures such as the blockade of the port of Dover (2019) and the demonstrations during the G7 summit in Cornwall, in 2021 (south-west England).

Last year, activists from the group blocked traffic at many key points in and out of London, with four of them sticking to the chair of the Speaker of the House of Commons in protest demanding the creation of “citizens’ assemblies”.

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