Anti-smoking law: the United Kingdom, soon a cigarette-free country?


The United Kingdom is taking another step towards outright banning tobacco. But this prohibition is not planned for tomorrow, nor even for 10 or 20 years. It should only apply to a certain category of the population; people born after 2009. If these teenagers are today 15 years old and younger, it doesn’t matter if they one day reach their majority (18 years old). They will never be able to buy tobacco legally. At least, this is the meaning of the bill which has just won the favor of the British elected representatives of the House of Commons (House of Commons, the equivalent of the National Assembly). Drawing the future of a country without cigarettes, and a future without tobacco for young people, even though today, around 12% of English people aged 16 to 17 smoke.

This measure, requested by conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, follows another ban which was announced last January: that of puffs, these disposable vapes with colorful tones and sweet and fruity tastes, very attractive to young people. However, as we told you about in this article, consuming these is not without danger: “Puff increases the risk of developing inflammation of the respiratory tract and impacts the cognitive acquisitions of young people”, according to the Alliance Against Tobacco . The United Kingdom also plans to limit the number of different flavors of electronic cigarettes to four, in order to curb consumption among young people.

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