United Kingdom: Charles III is “deeply frustrated” by his cancer treatment according to his nephew


If several members of the British royal family have affirmed in recent days that Charles III is doing well, it seems that the sovereign’s patience in the face of his illness is not always there. His nephew, Peter Phillips, told Sky News Australia that the king was “in good spirits”, but also “deeply frustrated” by the restrictions imposed by his treatment for cancer diagnosed at the start of the year.

In particular, the sovereign had to reduce his travel and official functions with the public. “I think at the end of the day he’s extremely frustrated. He is frustrated at not being able to do everything he wants to do,” the son of Princess Anne and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, told the Australian channel.

According to him, the king, who seems to want to quickly resume all his official functions, is sometimes pressing with his staff on the tasks he thinks he can carry out despite the treatment.

“He’s always pushing his staff, his doctors and nurses, everyone, to ask, ‘No, come on, can I do this? Can I do that?’ “, declared the first grandchild of the late Queen Elizabeth II, now 46 years old and ranked 18th in the order of succession to the British throne.

An attitude reminiscent of the king’s gesture of impatience in front of an inkwell… However, Queen Camilla’s husband knows that, in the face of illness, time is an ally. “But he is very pragmatic, he understands that he is going through a period during which he really has to concentrate on himself,” adds his nephew.

Buckingham Palace announced in February that Charles III had been diagnosed with a form of cancer following prostate surgery, without specifying the type of cancer he suffered from. Although he has continued some official functions away from the public, such as his weekly meeting with the Prime Minister, the date for resuming all of his functions has not yet been announced.

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