United Kingdom: Suella Braverman, Minister of the Interior, sacked after an incendiary article on the police


She was the face of the UK’s hardline immigration policy. Interior Minister Suella Braverman, who has sparked several controversies since taking office on October 25, 2022, was dismissed this Monday, November 13, following a ministerial reshuffle, several British media announced.

“Serving as Minister of the Interior has been the greatest privilege of my life,” wrote the now ex-minister in a press release relayed by Sky News. I will say more when the time comes. »

It is James Cleverly, until now Minister of Foreign Affairs, who replaces her at the Interior, Downing Street indicated a little later.

A controversial column published in the “Times”

The very conservative minister, aged 43, had been in the hot seat since criticism of the police. In an article published on November 9 in The Times newspaper, she criticized him for authorizing a pro-Palestinian march which was held on Saturday. She judged that police officials appear to have “their favorites” and apply “double standards”.

These comments were seen as undermining the operational independence of the police. The article had not received the green light from Downing Street, contrary to the usual rules.

A few days earlier, she had already sparked indignation by asserting that some homeless people lived on the streets “by lifestyle choice”. In recent months, she had also described the arrivals of refugees as an “invasion” and warned of a migratory “hurricane”.

Rishi Sunak wants to relaunch before the legislative elections
This reshuffle had been expected for weeks as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in Downing Street for just over a year, seeks to relaunch and prepare for legislative elections scheduled for next year and no later than 2025.

“Today, Rishi Sunak is strengthening his government team to implement long-term decisions for a better future,” the ruling Conservative Party said on X (formerly Twitter).

Rishi Sunak’s party, in power for almost 14 years, is far behind Labor in the polls.

“Labor (in red, editor’s note) leads with 24 points more than the Conservatives in this latest YouGov poll for The Times. »

The dismissal of Suella Braverman, a figure on the right wing of the majority, who willingly launches into cultural “wars”, risks causing turmoil within the conservatives and reinforcing divisions, with some MPs supporting her having threatened to resign if she left the government.

This article is originally published on fr.news.yahoo.com


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