The hunt for Kate Middleton reminds William of Diana and “it hurts him”


But how is Kate Middleton? Since his disappearance from the public sphere almost three months ago and the scandal surrounding his retouched photo, the question has obsessed the United Kingdom. Conspiracy theories flourished on social media, and the publication of a poor quality video and photo only deepened the mystery for many Brits.

This media obsession would remind Prince William of that which his mother, Princess Diana, was the victim of. In any case, this is what Roya Nikkhah, a specialist in the royal family, says, whose comments are relayed by Tatler magazine: “I believe that for him, having seen his mother go through all that, the hunt for his mother… I thinks he must see a repetition of these elements in the demands and attention paid to his wife, to her health. It hurts him. […] [It is certain] that he sees a direct comparison there.”

The former Princess of Wales died following a car accident in 1997 while being chased by paparazzi in Paris. The death of “the most hunted person in the world” had moved the entire planet and highlighted the questionable practices of the media to obtain photos of celebrities.

It is the trauma of this drama which would partly explain the silence of the royal family around Kate Middleton today. The reasons for his abdominal surgery in mid-January have never been revealed to the public, which some find difficult to bear.

A denunciation of the paparazzi

This Tuesday, March 20, Kate Middleton was the victim of a security breach after employees of the hospital where she is being treated tried to access her medical records. However, this offense is prohibited by the British public health system and punishable by law.

But unlike the time of Lady Di, this generation of the royal family does not hesitate to denounce the excesses of the media. In 2012, six people were tried for invasion of privacy after the French tabloid Closer published photos of Kate Middleton topless in a villa in Provence. In 2016, Prince Harry openly denounced the harassment of Meghan Markle by the English media.

According to a poll conducted just before the publication of the fake photo, Kate Middleton would be the British’s favorite member of the royal family, with more than 38% of favorable opinions. On the other hand, recent weeks should have dented its popularity. The Princess of Wales must in any case return to her duties after Easter, according to the royal family – hoping that the curious will hold out until then.

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