Ceasefire in Gaza: new American veto at the UN Security Council, global indignation ​


The draft resolution, which demanded “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire which must be respected by all parties”, received 13 votes in favor, one abstention (United Kingdom) and one against, the third American veto since the beginning of Israel’s war against Gaza.

The “irresponsible and dangerous” American veto sends the message that Israel can “continue to do anything with impunity”, blasted Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour.

Hamas also denounced a “green light” to Israel to commit “more massacres” in Gaza.

“The errors of today will have a price for our region and our world tomorrow (…) How will History judge you?”, for his part launched the Algerian ambassador Amar Bendjama, who was working on this text for more than three weeks.

Egypt regretted that the United Nations Security Council repeatedly failed to adopt a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The Algerian project also opposed in particular the “forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population”, while Israel mentioned an evacuation of civilians before a ground offensive in Rafah where 1.4 million people are crowded in the south of the Gaza strip.

“Path of No Return”

Russia and China denounced the American veto, alongside many other members of the Council, France, Malta, Slovenia and Sierra Leone who also regretted this decision.

“The human toll and the humanitarian situation in Gaza are intolerable and Israeli operations must stop,” insisted French Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière.

A ground offensive in Rafah “would lead us down a path of no return”, added his Slovenian counterpart Samuel Zbogar. “It is our duty to react before waking up in the middle of a nightmare.”

The Council, largely divided on the Israeli-Palestinian issue for years, has only been able to adopt two resolutions on this issue since October 7, essentially humanitarian. Without much result: aid arrives in dribs and drabs in Gaza.

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