Kieran Cuddihy: Two-part Guinness review is ‘sacrilegious’


Anything other than a two-part pour for Guinness is “sacrilege”, according to The Hard Shoulder host Kieran Cuddihy.

It comes as a bartender in the UK made headlines this week after claiming pouring with a break was nothing more than a marketing ploy.

To settle the debate, Kieran decided to go to Peter’s Pub in Dublin today to do some serious investigating.

Here, bartender Enda told him “direct service is a definite no-no.”

“The first time I was in the UK drinking I went to a pub and said I’d try a pint of Guinness,” he said.

“I was horrified, apart from having done it in one go, he just put the glass of beer under the tap and pressed a button – the Guinness fell into the glass and it was full of bubbles .”

“[A straight pour] will taste almost as good, but it definitely won’t be as pretty – the presentation isn’t as good.

Kieran, who poured a pint of Guinness back and forth to test them, said the simple pour “doesn’t taste that bad to be honest with you”.

“But there is something to be said for tradition,” he said.

“I don’t have any of this nonsense coming from the UK that you can do it in one, stick to the two-part casting.”

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