Mondelez’s Plan to Shut Belin-Lu Factory Sparks Concern


The Mondelez group plans to close the Belin-Lu factory in Château-Thierry, in Aisne, specialized in the production of filled and chocolate biscuits.

End clap for the Belin-Lu factory in Château-Thierry. The American group Mondelez announced last week that it wanted to “gradually” close its production site in Château-Thierry, south of Aisne, to shut it down definitively by 2026. Around sixty employees work there at the moment. actual hour. The Axon factory specializes in the production of filled and chocolate biscuits, sold under the brands Pépito, Sablés des Flandres, Guet Apens and Kango.

According to the American group, the factory would need “substantial investments to modernize its infrastructure and equipment” in the coming years and it would not be possible, moreover, to build new production lines there. The volumes currently produced by the site and its low productivity prospects do not allow it to be competitive within the group’s European production network”, explains Mondelez in a press release.

“Production at Château-Thierry costs on average twice as much as the group’s other sites” and “with no prospect of improvement,” assures Mondelez.

Reorganization of production

Mondelez explains that it has initiated a broader reorganization of its production in France. A large part of the activities of the Château-Thierry factory will be transferred to the La Haye-Fouassière site, in Loire-Atlantique, specialized in the production of dry biscuits. But some biscuits will leave France: the production of certain references currently produced in Aisne will be transferred elsewhere in Europe, to group factories which already manufacture similar biscuits.

The group nevertheless assures that it “will maintain the same overall volume of production on French territory”. Production of Figolu biscuits, currently manufactured by a third party company in the United Kingdom, will be brought back to La Haye-Fouassière.

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