Prince Harry: rapprochement in sight with Kate and Charles?


Since the announcement of the hospitalizations of Kate and Charles III, Prince Harry has not spoken publicly on the subject. Has he heard from his sister-in-law and his father? Was he worried about their state of health? After years spent criticizing members of the royal family in the media, the Duke of Sussex now has the perfect opportunity to get closer to his family.

It is often through adversity that family bonds become stronger. Will it be the same for the Windsors? While Kate and Charles III are hospitalized this week, highlighting – and in a cruel way – the limits of a monarchical institution reduced to the few active members of the royal family, eyes have once again been focused on California. What does Prince Harry plan to do? Since the announcement of the abdominal operation of the Princess of Wales and that of King Charles (for an enlarged prostate), the Duke of Sussex has not spoken publicly. However, in the opinion of royal correspondents across the Channel, the ball is now in his court.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry was informed by the media and would have discussed with Meghan the best way to make contact. The couple would have decided to send a message of support to the Princess of Wales and Charles, wishing them each a speedy recovery. Could it be that this gesture does not leave interested parties indifferent? Nothing is less sure.

Since Harry and Meghan’s shock interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, followed by the posting of their documentary series on Netflix and the publication of the prince’s memoirs, relations between the Sussexes and the Windsors have deteriorated. “I adored my new sister-in-law, I saw her more as the sister I had always wanted to have than as my in-laws,” writes the Duke of Sussex in The Substitute. Today, however, a terrible resentment separates Kate and Harry who have broken off all contact. And if dialogue exists with Charles – Harry and Meghan called him for his 75th birthday in November 2023 – the relationship between father and son remains fragile.

Royal news does not prevent Harry from fulfilling his commitments. The man who turned his back on the monarchy to offer himself a new life in California with his family has just made two public appearances: the first on January 19 during the 21st annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards ceremony. de l’aviation in French) where he received a distinction. Two days later, he attended, accompanied by Meghan, the world premiere of the film Bob Marley: One Love, in Kingston, Jamaica.

An appearance which unfortunately led the couple into a new controversy while the British royal family is going through a difficult time. By posing alongside Prime Minister Andrew Holness, openly Republican – the latter considered his country’s transition to an independent state of the British Crown to be “inevitable” alongside Kate and William in March 2022 – Harry did not send a message of reconciliation… Sussex and Windsor are still far from having resolved their differences.

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