Muikiele Transfer Nears Completion: Trippier Pursuit Heats Up


With Nordi Mukiele and Kieran Trippier, FC Bayern are currently being linked to two specific candidates for the right-back position. According to current reports, there are currently more arguments in favor of signing the England international.

The winter transfer window is coming to an end and Bayern still haven’t completed their work on the right side of defense. Looking at the current options and the course of talks between FCB and Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle United, there are many indications that Bayern will have to hope for a last-minute deal again.

While there has been a lot of talk in favor of signing Nordi Mukiele in recent weeks, the trail to Kieran Trippier seems to be getting hotter and hotter.

As transfer insider Florian Plettenberg reports, things aren’t really looking good for Mukiele and Bayern: “He is still in FC Bayern’s sights, but there is still no breakthrough in the negotiations between Bayern and Paris,” he emphasized on Monday to Sky UK.

“Mukiele deal is about to end”
According to Plettenberg, there are increasing signs that Trippier could become the first option for the record champions: “At this point, the deal with Mukiele is about to expire and that is why Trippier is a hot candidate for Bayern.”

What’s interesting is that in Munich “not all bosses are convinced of Trippier,” says Plettenberg. The problem: The 33-year-old is too expensive for those responsible for a winter transfer. Newcastle is therefore demanding a transfer fee of between 13-14 million euros. In addition, a salary of 7-8 million euros is due.

Nevertheless, Plettenberg assumes that Kane’s friend is currently the realistic option for Bayern: “I think that Trippier is the hottest option for Bayern at the moment.” Also because the Munich team has agreed on a change with the player since Saturday.

According to information from BILD, Bayern are planning to make a new offer for Trippier soon. The first was rejected by the Magpies last weekend.

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