Global Military Power Rankings 2024: Morocco Holds 61st Position with Strength and Capabilities


The Global Firepower Institute has published its ranking of the most powerful countries, from a military point of view. According to the new ranking of the most powerful armies in 2024, Morocco retains its place in 61st position out of a total of 145 countries with a score of 1.0081. Remember that the Kingdom was ranked in 61st place in 2023 and in 55th place in 2022.

In this ranking, Morocco is ahead of several countries, including Bugaria (62nd), Qatar (63rd), Biorussia (64th), Croatia (66th), New Zealand (67th), Cuba (68th). ), Slovakia (69th), Belgium (70th), Austria (71st), Ecuador (72nd), Democratic Republic of Congo (73rd), Tunisia (74th), Sri Lanka (75th ), Sudan (76th), Kuwait (77th), Oman (78th), Libya (79th), Jordan (80th). In terms of human resources, the FAR has 395,800 military men and women, 195,000 are in active service while 150,000 are in reserve and 50,000 people are in the Paramilitary Forces. According to the Global Firepower Institute, 15,123,507 people would be considered suitable for military service. Note that the Moroccan army has 13,710 armored vehicles, 1,564 tanks, 565 self-propelled guns, 306 towed artillery units, 565 self-propelled artillery units and 208 rocket projectors. The Royal Air Forces have a fleet of 255 military aircraft, including 83 combat aircraft and 70 helicopters.

The Royal Navy has 121 military ships including 1 corvette, 6 frigates, and 22 patrol boats. On the African continent, Egypt remains the leading military power according to this new edition. This country ranks 15th in the world with a score of 0.2283. Algeria (26th globally) occupies the second position at the African level, followed by South Africa (33rd globally), Nigeria (39th), Ethiopia (49th), Angola (55th). Not surprisingly, the United States maintains its first place in the world ranking with a power index of 0.0699, closely followed by Russia and China. In fourth place is India, followed by South Korea (5th), the United Kingdom (6th), Japan (7th), Turkey (8th), Pakistan (9th) and Italy (10th). France experienced a notable decline, going from 9th position in 2023 with an index of 0.1848 to 11th position in 2024 with an index of 0.1878. On the other hand, some countries have significantly improved their position.

This is particularly the case for Turkey, which moved from 11th place in 2023 to 8th place in 2024. It owes its success in part to its military drones which have not only strengthened its military power but also increased its influence on the international scene. At the bottom of the world rankings are Benin (141st), Somalia (142nd), Suriname (143rd), Moldova (144th) and Bhutan (145th). Since 2006, Global Firepower, an institute specializing in defense and weapons issues, has provided a unique analytical display of data on 145 modern military powers. The GFP ranking is based on each nation’s potential war capability on land, sea and air fought by conventional means. You should know that no less than 50 different indicators (defense budget, number of armies, diversity of armaments) are analyzed to establish this ranking.

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