UK’s New Tech Regulations: Rivals to Gain Data Access


Britain’s competition regulator plans to force big tech companies to give rivals better access to data and prevent them from promoting their own products, under new powers to be given to it by the government. we learned on Thursday.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has stepped up its oversight of big tech companies such as Facebook owner Meta, Google parent Alphabet, Amazon and Apple.

Her willingness to take on these companies became clear last year when she intervened in Microsoft’s purchase of Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard, and more recently when she said she was looking into The agreement concluded by the American giant with the manufacturer of ChatGPT, OpenAI.

“The new competition regime for digital markets will help ensure that competing technology companies can bring truly disruptive and exciting innovations that will create exciting new products for consumers,” Sarah Cardell, director of the CMA, said at a conference in Silicon Valley, according to a CMA press release.

“Today’s overview document clarifies not only for UK parliamentarians, but also for digital businesses and other stakeholders, the approach that the CMA intends to take,” he said. she planned to say.

More than two years ago, the CMA established a specialist digital markets unit, with the expertise to examine rapidly evolving markets such as social media. Large technology companies with designated company status will have to comply with the new rules.

The unit will receive new powers under legislation currently going through Parliament.

The CMA, which was granted additional status following Brexit, said it expected to open three or four investigations in the first year after the new regime came into force.

She said this could prevent companies from prioritizing their own products and services, and force them to provide rivals with better access to data and features.

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