Hérault: Osmozis extends its connected footprint across Europe


The Hérault-based company, specialist in the digital transition of campsites and holiday villages, has developed a range of digital solutions (internet connection, Osmokey connected key, OsmoPower/water, Osmocam, digital wallet, etc.) which has enabled it, very discreetly, to establish itself as one of the great world leaders in the sector. In eighteen years, the group has installed nearly 37,000 WiFi/LoRaWan devices on more than 2,600 sites in Europe!

Osmozis is today a company of more than fifty people and a turnover of €12.7 million this year: “A net increase in results for the third consecutive year, i.e. growth of +10% over one year,” notes Gérard Tremblay, president and CEO of Osmozis, who does not hide his ambitions, particularly to conquer international market share.

The United Kingdom in the viewfinder

“Osmozis will continue its international development, particularly in the United Kingdom with the integration of Camping Connect which, beyond a direct contribution to turnover, has the potential for deployment of Premium Services (including wifi) which will increase in power during the financial year,” announces the manager.

The choice of innovation

The Hérault-based company is also banking on innovation to maintain its technological lead: “We are already deploying a new OsmoX wireless Internet access point according to the WiFi 6 standard and carrying three patents,” explains Gérard Tremblay: “After a successful first summer season for the first products installed, Osmozis has started manufacturing a batch of several thousand terminals for the 2024 season… These terminals have a very competitive cost price compared to competing products available on the market.”

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