Sommelier Training Partnership: Italian Winery Shapes UK’s Future Experts


The training of sommeliers in the United Kingdom (also) involves Italian wine. The Zonin1821 Group has announced a partnership with the UK Sommelier Association. A synergy created to train new generations of wine experts. A highly sought-after figure in the country, but who is currently encountering a very limited supply, the reasons for which are to be found in the post-Brexit scenario.

Few Sommeliers in the UK

Founded in 2005, the UK Sommelier Association, based in London, has trained more than 1000 professionals through courses built on the foundations and principles of the Italian Sommelier Association. It is estimated that there are currently around 500-600 vacancies for this role in the UK. “After Britain left the European Union, people went back to their homes in Europe, got jobs there and never came back. If they’ve stayed here, enough time has passed that they’re now floor managers or restaurant and they no longer work as sommeliers. We don’t have anyone who makes it to junior level,” Federica Zanghirella, Vice President of the UK Sommelier Association, told the Times.

The role of the Zonin 1821 Group

One of the key aspects of this collaboration is the Zonin Group’s commitment to providing resources, support and privileged access to its vineyards and cellars to enrich the UK Sommelier Association’s training programme. A synergy that will allow the members of the association to deepen their knowledge of Zonin wines, understanding their history, production and distinctive characteristics. The company will not only encourage more young people to enter the sector by making many of the labels in its portfolio available, including those of Ca’ Bolani, Castello Di Albola, Rocca Di Montemassi, Oltrenero, Principi di Butera, Masseria Altemura .

The offer will not be limited to the Italian territory alone, but will also include from the New World such as Barboursville (Virginia) and Dos Almas (Colchagua and Casablanca), as well as offering students an opportunity to taste the wines distributed in the United Kingdom, such as the Barolo Damilano and the South African DuToitskloof. “We are thrilled to be supplying wines from our exceptional Italian and international portfolio to help prepare the next generation of top-level sommeliers in partnership with the UKSA,” Simon Thomas, Zonin1821 UK general manager, told Drinks Business -. Supporting training and experience in the service of fine wines aligns perfectly with the values of Zonin1821″.

Alongside his statements are those of the vice-president Federica Zanghirella of the UK Sommelier Association. “With our deep appreciation for the exceptional quality of their wines, we look forward to starting the journey to introduce a selection of their extraordinary range to our students, the future connoisseurs of fine wines and sommeliers.”

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