VW Touareg 2024 review: An SUV that goes against the grain


The Touareg is experiencing a great injustice! Launched in 2002, the vehicle is built on the MLB platform shared by its peers – Audi (Q7), Porsche (Cayenne) and, later (MLB Evo), Bentley (Bentayga) and Lamborghini (Urus) – but was keen to stand out from it. It stands out as the most versatile and capable on all terrain. In its early days, it represented 80% of SUV sales on the MLB platform. His peers, more statutory and expensive, were content with the remaining fifth. Today, it’s the opposite.

Luxury without flaunt

20 years ago, during the first test of the Touareg 1 in the Catalan Pyrenees, in an area which combined all the aptitude tests of the real crosser, VW placed itself on the ground of the Defender, Land Cruiser and other Patrols. His credibility went well beyond his ease in trudging over broken ground, getting out of a spongy rut or climbing an impossible escarpment. Its paintwork was not afraid of scratches: the off-road course took it through brambles lacerating its sides… At the time, it was mounted on 17 or 18” wheels.

Today, we find it with low sidewall road tires on 21” rims. On the unpaved roads of Norway, with an even surface covered with gravel, this choice posed no problem.

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