Netflix Animation Turmoil: Alarming Staff Layoffs Uncovered


Netflix has accumulated bad buzz in 2023! As the end of the year approaches, the Streaming platform continues with bad news. Because a third of the animators were fired by the platform! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.


This year Netflix has decided to implement big changes. Starting with the end of password sharing. From now on, it is no longer possible to share your account with several people like before.

It pays off! No need to create a VPN, Netflix automatically detects whether the account is yours or not. The Financial Times reports that this had a bombshell effect in the United Kingdom.

The SVOD service has disappointed many subscribers. So much so that many of them have left the platform to go to the competition. In France, many Internet users are criticizing this new system on Netflix.

But whatever the criticism, Netflix refuses to change the way it works. So you have to pay more to be able to share your account. In Spain, this reform led to the loss of a million users during the first test.

Despite these unsubscriptions, Netflix is happy to welcome new subscribers. Eh yes ! The platform hopes that this will last in the long term. So this is something to keep an eye on.


This is therefore another piece of information that is scandalizing Internet users! The streaming platform Netflix has therefore decided to get rid of its team! In fact, the platform has therefore announced the dismissal of a third of its hosts.

And this, within the framework of what is therefore called a restructuring. In total, there are nearly 50 employees who will have to leave the company. Many Internet users have cried foul on X (Twitter). So Netflix spoke:

“As we shared at our last public meeting, we have narrowed down our future film slate. To focus on delivering two blockbuster Netflix-owned films per year.”

Before adding: “Which means that today we will say goodbye to some of our overhead colleagues. » Imagine that not all the team members who have to leave are angry. One of them spoke.

And he says he is very proud to have worked for the Netflix platform. “Despite the layoffs, this is still a studio that champions two original films per year, what other studio does that these days? “.

So the question arises, does this reduction in employees have an impact on Netflix’s schedule? Will the platform still be as productive of beautiful nuggets? Can we expect the arrival of new films? The answer is yes !

Because there should be no less than seven animated films in 2024. Like Ultraman: Rising and Orion and the Dark. This reassures Netflix subscribers! There should also be some crazy new series and films. So this is something to keep an eye on!

What if Leonardo DiCaprio had become a superhero? The actor thought about it… and he’s not the only one. Marvel even tried to enlist him a few years ago. But the star of Inception, Titanic and The Revenant refused. MCETV explains everything on the subject.


Because with Killers of the Flowers Moon, the actor could seek a second Oscar after the one he (finally) obtained in 2016 with The Revenant. Never short of projects, the actor even refused to take the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars.

But this is not the only legendary role that he refused. Indeed, Marvel also tried to secure the services of the actor just after Titanic. The film that revealed DiCaprio was released in 1998. Proposals then began to flow in from all directions.

It remains to be seen in what role the directors would have imagined him. Robert Downey Junior made a superb Iron Man, Benedict Cumberbatch and his incredible Doctor Strange came much later. But a superhero was already popular in 2002.

Marvel had indeed thought of Leonardo DiCaprio to take on the Spider-Man costume. We already feel the connection with the three actors who have since played Spider-Man. Young, blond, ironic: everything you need to please.

Currently well established in this role, Tom Holland would have had concerns with another renowned predecessor. But he would have lost one of them. Because the license chose to give the role to one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “colleagues”.


Indeed, Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man in 2002. But Leonardo DiCaprio could also have taken the role. The two actors, side by side on the poster for The Great Gatsby in 2013, could have found themselves face to face for the Spider-Man costume.

“I wasn’t ready to wear the costume,” the actor responds. And if Sam Raimi’s film represented a real leap forward for the saga, there is no question of having regrets. Because Leonardo DiCaprio chose to do what made him happy.

In the same year, he showed the full extent of his talent. Capable of humor in Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio also knows how to scare. His role in Gangs of New York earned him a Golden Globe.

While Tobey Maguire plays Spider-Man in a trilogy, and Tom Holland is preparing to do the same, Leonardo DiCaprio has chosen another path. The one that also allows him to play in The Departed. This is also the film that brought Martin Scorsese his first Oscar.

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