Alpes Travel Partnership: Urging Rail Operators for Seamless Collaboration


Launched on November 9, 2023, the call for applications is aimed at European railway operators capable of providing trains, in whole or in part, to transport travelers to Alpine ski resorts. The objective is to ensure one or two weekly rotations from mid-December to mid-April. Compagnie des Alpes is committed to guaranteeing a volume of reservations over time.

The call is open to various forms of rail transport, such as high-speed trains, intercity connections and night trains, depending on the operators’ offers. This initiative stems from two years of experience with Travelski-express and preliminary discussions with several rail suppliers.

In addition, partnership negotiations are underway with other tourism stakeholders in the French Alps to develop sustainable transport offers. Compagnie des Alpes is ready to combine reservations from other tour operators or accommodation providers to increase the volume and the associated guarantees.

The project aims to launch these new offers from winter 2024-25, provided that the solutions proposed are rapid and feasible. With this approach, Compagnie des Alpes is actively engaged in the search for innovative solutions for the decarbonization of tourist travel in the mountains and to change travel habits, allowing tens of thousands of customers to travel to ski resorts in train every winter.

A service optimized for the customer and the climate
This exclusive door-to-door, ecological and comfortable transport service, much appreciated by its users, offers direct access by train to the French Alps, with full support up to the accommodation, including the last kilometer. Until now only available in Travelski offers, this service offers several advantages for the consumer:

A simple and transparent reservation in terms of prices, possible in a single step.
Reducing stress linked to access conditions to the mountains thanks to direct and fluid transport.
A peaceful trip, offering quality family time, opportunities to have fun or rest.
The possibility of enjoying an extra day of skiing thanks to early arrival or evening departure times.
Ease of transport for luggage and ski equipment, at no additional cost compared to air transport.
A significant contribution to reducing the personal and family carbon footprint, and the satisfaction of actively participating in the fight against global warming.

This project is also part of the group’s sustainable development strategy, aiming to strengthen the attractiveness of the French Alps to European markets served by train. It also aims to develop unique and non-relocatable expertise in the regions concerned, in particular by effectively managing the last kilometer of the journey.

On average, 80% of greenhouse gas emissions linked to skiing come from the transport of skiers from their home to the resort. With a pollution emission ratio between train and plane or car of 1 to 90 and 1 to 20 respectively, choosing the train for travel considerably reduces the carbon footprint of a ski trip.

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