SEX EDUCATION: it is possible to sleep in Jakob and Ola’s house


If Otis and Jean’s house in the series “Sex Education” is once again for sale, did you know that Ola and Jakob’s house is available for rent?

If you have finished the last and final season of “Sex Education” and you already miss the atmosphere of the series, we have found something to prolong the pleasure! If every fan of the series is in total admiration of the red and white house of Otis and Jean, but if we think carefully another building in the series is just as remarkable, in a very different style. This is the home of Jakob, Jean’s ex, and his daughter Ola. If you remember correctly, we see their house several times when Otis picks up Ola in front of her house or when Jean goes to Jakob’s house. The house is made of wood and its facade is lined with plants.

A perfect place for vacation

Like all the places seen in the series, the house is located in the United Kingdom, more precisely in England in the Wye Valley. Named “Blistors Farm-The Bull Pen”, this residence, when it is not a filming location, is a destination for vacationers and other fans of the series. It offers a magnificent view of the surrounding nature and has a typical English cottage interior, with a wooden kitchen with lovely red checkered curtains and an equally rustic living room, not forgetting the billiard room.
Outside, you can enjoy a tennis court and a private hot tub. Everything you need to relax!

Be careful, to have the chance to stay in the house of the characters in the series, you will have to pay 945 pounds or a little more than 1000 euros for one night, knowing that the longer you stay, the more advantageous the prices are.

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