Espionage Unveiled: The Belgian-Moroccan Connection


Morocco’s significant presence within the Belgian intelligence community has raised suspicions of its awareness regarding the Qatargate situation. Spies are drawn to Belgium, much like bees are to honey, with Brussels hosting an astonishing 127 diplomatic missions, making it the global epicenter for diplomacy, as noted in the Global Diplomacy Index by the Lowy Institute. This allure isn’t limited to diplomats, journalists, and lobbyists; it also extends to international spies, agents, and various intelligence agencies, thanks to the proximity of EU institutions and NATO headquarters.

Recent revelations have caused turmoil, suggesting that Morocco wields substantial influence within Belgium’s intelligence apparatus and may have been privy to the Qatargate affair. There’s mounting evidence pointing towards the possibility that Belgian secret services played a role in orchestrating the Qatargate incident, hinting at potential collaboration with Moroccan counterparts in this fabricated scenario. Morocco’s security service has even been linked to espionage activities within Belgium, which is home to a sizable Moroccan diaspora.

Insider sources have disclosed that Belgium’s covert operatives have systematically targeted foreign missions and visiting diplomats, engaging in activities such as the sharing of confidential intelligence with foreign agencies. These operations extend to embassies, where phone lines have been tapped, further highlighting the intrusive nature of Belgian intelligence activities.

In the midst of this intrigue, a mysterious figure, Mohamed Belahrech, a Moroccan intelligence operative with the codename M118, has emerged as a central player in the Qatar corruption scandal that has reverberated through the European Parliament. There are suspicions that Belgium’s secret services may have provided support or collaboration to Belahrech in orchestrating this deceptive scandal.

Belahrech is suspected of engaging in extensive lobbying efforts and alleged corruption targeting European MEPs for several years. Curiously, it has now come to light that Belgian intelligence services had been monitoring his activities for an extended period.

Furthermore, a senior source within the Belgian Ministry of Interior has disclosed that numerous Belgian journalists have been recruited and operate under the influence of security services. This revelation raises questions about the extent of media cooperation with these agencies. Notably, French Intelligence holds a dominant position within the Belgian intelligence service, suggesting a significant level of influence.

Additionally, it has been revealed that certain national newspapers routinely publish content provided by Belgian intelligence services, further complicating the web of intrigue surrounding these security agencies.


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