L’Oréal Group opens new UK headquarters in White City


The L’Oréal Group has expanded its UK headquarters by building a brand new office in White City for its more than 1,000 head office employees, including an Academy, an education center to train more than 10,000 professionals of hair and beauty from across the UK every year. The company officially inaugurates the new headquarters of L’Oréal Group. The new L’Oréal Group headquarters, which will house its 36 international brands, has been designed to create a forward-looking working environment – with spaces specially designed for this purpose – and 10% larger than the previous headquarters?

Gateway reflects the “new normal” of how people want to work today and in the future.

The design encourages people to choose the best work environment based on their role and the task at hand, whether it’s more focused work in a library, more creative and collaborative work in work pods and cafes, or network and connect on a large outdoor terrace or in a cafe. The new building also focuses on sustainability, well-being and inclusion to align with the values of L’Oréal’s culture and those of its employees.

The new headquarters also houses the L’Oréal Academy, an educational center that will train more than 10,000 hair and beauty professionals each year, with the aim of improving skills in the sector. The L’Oréal Academy is a continued investment in the future growth and development of the hair and beauty industry.

It not only offers technical training, but paves the way for a more sustainable, inclusive and digitalized industry by offering training on essential aspects of business, digital transformation and upskilling, as well as programs that help salons and professionals get on the path to sustainability.

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