Sycurio to appeal PCI-PAL patent infringement ruling


Sycurio Ltd responded on Tuesday to PCI-PAL PLC’s announcement that it had won a patent infringement case brought by its competitor in the UK High Court, saying it intended to review the jugement.

PCI-PAL is a global provider of secure payment solutions for business communications, based in Suffolk, England, while its competitor Sycurio, is a payment software provider based in Surrey, England.

On Tuesday, Sycurio said the High Court had rejected its application, but that it was reviewing the judgment with its advisers and that, based on a preliminary assessment of the findings, it intended to seek permission to make appeal the decision.

The ruling, which was issued after close of business Monday, found that Sycurio’s patent was invalid due to “evidence from two sources of prior art.” It was also decided that even if the patent had been valid, PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution did not infringe the patent.

However, on Tuesday, Sycurio said it had invented the technology helping contact centers deliver PCI-compliant phone payments, and that it held patents in the UK and US for the technologies.

The company said it believes “PCI-Pal’s Agent Assist system infringes Sycurio’s intellectual property in both the US and UK.” Sycurio added that the High Court’s decision “only concerns the UK application and does not affect the US application.”

Sycurio is suing PCI Pal for infringement of several U.S. patents and a trial is expected to take place in late 2024 or early 2025. An attempt by PCI Pal to have the case thrown out was rejected by the court in June 2022.

“As a pioneering technology company, it is essential that we defend our intellectual property so that we can confidently invest in new technologies and grow with our partners for the benefit of our customers around the world. Although I am Disappointed by the UK court’s decision, I am convinced of the strength of our intellectual property. We therefore intend to seek permission to appeal the UK court’s decision and pursue our action against PCI Pal in the United States. United,” said Nick Viney, chief executive officer of Sycurio.

He added: “It goes without saying that today’s decision has no impact on our ability to deliver and sell our products to our customers around the world. Nor does it affect our relationships with our customers and our partners. Sycurio continues its activities as if nothing had happened.”

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