Prince Andrew’s Secret Documents: Absurd Secrecy Until 2065


A biographer had requested the information, according to British newspaper The Independent, because he wanted to know more about the prince’s business trips and his links to figures such as Jeffrey Epstein. If Andrew is still alive in 2065, he will be 104 years old.

Sexual assault accusation: Prince Andrew wants Virginia Giuffre to apologize
Prince Andrew, now 63, served as the United Kingdom’s special representative for trade and industry between 2001 and 2011. The brother of King Charles made numerous business trips during this period, but the documents relating to it will therefore remain sealed for decades. Biographer Andrew Lownie calls the decision “absurd”. Documents relating to the royal family cannot usually be requested, but Andrew Lownie believes this is not the case today because Andrew held a government position paid for with British taxpayers’ money.

Prince Andrew’s revelations continue: ‘A different woman in his bedroom every night’

Andrew had to leave his post when a photo emerged of the prince in 2011 with Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy businessman who had previously served prison time for sex crimes. One of Epstein’s victims claims she was “loaned” to Andrew in 2001. She accused him of sexual abuse and sued him. Last February, Andrew settled with the woman for an unknown amount. Andrew also had to step back from his royal family responsibilities in 2019 due to the allegations.

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