Italian SMEs Thrive: +20% Abroad Sales on Amazon


More than 21,000 companies have chosen to use the Amazon store in 2022. Of these, more than half have exported their products, recording a total of over 950 million euros in sales abroad, 20% more than in the year previous. Germany, France, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom are the countries where Italian SMEs sell most successfully through Amazon. These are the main findings of the 2023 Report on the Impact of Italian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) selling on Amazon.

“Once again the report confirms the positive impact for the Italian entrepreneurial fabric deriving from the use of Amazon – commented Mariangela Marseglia, VP and Country Manager of and -. Today, over 60% of sales in our online store comes from independent sales partners, and for them, we invested over 8 billion euros in logistics, services, tools and training at European level in 2022 alone.The numbers reached by the Italian companies that have chosen us mi make us particularly proud: more than 21,000 Italian SMEs have recorded over 950 million euros in sales abroad.These figures demonstrate our constant commitment to supporting entrepreneurs of the communities in which we operate, in line with our broader objective of helping them reach 1.2 billion euros in annual sales abroad by 2025. We will continue in this direction, through innovations capable of supporting the Italian economy in synergy with public actors, to make our companies even more competitive in terms of international.”

The growing importance of the digital channel for the business of companies selling through Amazon in 2022 is also confirmed by the number of products sold by Italian SMEs on the store: over 125 million products in total, around 20% more than in the year previous; more than 250 products per minute. The Report also highlights that around 850 Italian SMEs that sell on Amazon have exceeded 1 million euros in sales and over 5,100 have exceeded 100,000 euros in sales. Home, Beauty, Health and Personal Care, Sport and Food are the most sold product categories abroad by Italian SMEs through Amazon.

“Fascinated by Thomas Edison’s light bulb, I created a technical and decorative lighting company whose lamp holders, rosettes and electric cables recalled the vintage taste – explained Marco Avarello, CEO of Amarcords, a Milanese company which, as can be seen from the name , was born as a promoter of Italian style and taste – If the company took off in retail through wholesalers and distributors in Italy and Europe, Amazon and the online market have allowed us to develop a second business, the one linked to ‘do-it-yourself’ products. te’. Being on Amazon according to an adequate sales strategy has allowed us to see our revenue triple. We have learned a lot on the store: now we successfully reach France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. To face an international audience, I understood that having an identity brand was indispensable.”

“We changed our skin on Amazon: from third-party resellers to brand owners. Thanks to the Brand Registry program and the support received from the store’s internal consultants, I understood the importance of registering and protecting one’s brand – explained Giovanni Miglionico, a young entrepreneur who, from Altamura, manages with passion and skill three e-commerce sites and the related stores on Amazon for the family business – Since we registered the Decor Space brand, specialized in interior and exterior furnishing products for home and office, we now work in partnership with Amazon, we don’t simply sell on the store. Amazon is not just selling, but it represents a showcase through which to make one’s brand and company philosophy known.”

In 2022, the over 21,000 Italian SMEs that sell through Amazon are located throughout the boot and, analyzing the foreign sales of SMEs in the individual regions, Lombardy is confirmed as the first region by export value, equal to over 175 million euros, followed by Campania, with more than 130 million euros. Third place goes to Tuscany, which records over 100 million euros in 2022. Rounding out the top 5 are Lazio, with more than 80 million euros in exports, and Veneto, with around 75 million euros.
Other regions with a high level of exports include Piedmont (€60+ million); Emilia-Romagna (€50+ million); Puglia (about €50 million); Sicily (€30+ million) and Trentino-Alto Adige (€30+ million).

“Amazon wants to be an ally of Italian SMEs and every day we are committed to ensuring that they can express their potential through the digital channel, creating the most effective tools for them to develop an offer to multichannel. Among these, in Italy: Accelera con Amazon, which since its launch in 2020 to date has supported over 35,000 SMEs and startups to take their first steps into digital, and the Made in Italy showcase, which, launched in 2015, is present in 11 Countries in the world and hosts over 1 million products, the result of the excellent work of over 5,500 Italian companies – concluded Anna Bortolussi, General Manager Brand Owner and Seller Success, Amazon EU – “these are results obtained also thanks to the collaboration with ICE Agency , which has continued since 2019 and which saw, precisely on the occasion of the renewal of the agreement at the end of 2022, the inauguration of “Amazon Incubator”, a pilot project aimed at more than 100 small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, to guide them on their journey of internationalization through targeted and personalized training.”

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