New Booster Vaccine Campaign: COVID-19 Essential Info


While Covid-19 was once again talked about in mid-summer, a new booster vaccination campaign is due to take place by mid-October.
The Covid-19 resurfaced in the middle of summer, with a new form and a new variant. The health authorities have indeed observed, in France – in particular after the Bayonne celebrations at the beginning of August – as in other countries, an epidemic rebound, certainly moderate, but requiring a new call for vigilance. “The Covid is not yet a respiratory infection like the others”, notably recalled the new Minister of Health and Prevention Aurélien Rousseau, invited on Sunday by our colleagues from LCI, explaining that he was thinking about an “acceleration” of the campaign. booster vaccination, so far planned from October 17 and supposed to maintain vaccination coverage, contain the circulation of the virus, but also protect the most fragile people.

What is the health situation?

In fact, according to the monitoring indicators which are still active today, visits to the emergency room for suspicion of Covid actually started to rise again at the end of July, but without this becoming truly worrying, the medical acts of SOS Médecins also. A rebound was also observed in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The “Eris” variant (EG.5), visibly highly contagious, is particularly closely watched by scientists, suspected of being the cause of this resurgence of the epidemic and “the situation requires us to remain vigilant”, insists Health public France.

When and where will this new campaign begin?

The new anti-Covid vaccination campaign will remain 100% free, not compulsory, and should be coupled with that of the flu to begin with, unless changed due to the epidemic situation, on October 17 in metropolitan France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, in Guyana and on September 6 in Mayotte.
For residents of Ehpad and USLD, vaccination is organized by the establishment. For people followed in a care service, vaccination can be carried out directly within the care structure. For the others, the spring vaccination can be carried out in town (pharmacy, doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife).

What vaccines will be offered?

Several vaccines will be offered: those with Messenger RNA from the Pfizer and Moderna laboratories, adapted to the Omicron variant, are “recommended as first intention, regardless of the vaccine previously administered”. For those unwilling or unable to benefit, the VidPrevtyn Beta vaccines from Sanofi and Nuvaxovid from Novavax can be used as a booster. Other updated vaccines are expected to arrive in the fall to provide additional immune response to the Eris variant. A period of at least six months after the last vaccine injection or the last Covid infection must be respected, regardless of the person’s situation.

Who is concerned ?

This campaign mainly targets people over 65, pregnant women, immunocompromised patients, diabetics or even people with psychiatric disorders, the Health Insurance list. Beyond the public at risk, vaccination will also be recommended to health professionals. In addition, “if a person is not in the target and wishes to receive a reminder, he will be able to benefit from it for free”, indicates the Secu. The objective is to establish an annual vaccination for the most fragile, at the same time as for the flu.

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